Letter to Alexis (Schitt’s Creek)

Dear Alexis,

Your transformation from a spoiled princess privilege to an unfettered undisputed queen is my favorite one of all time. Your idiosyncrasies as a damsel in distress made me laugh out loud, but your evolution into a fiercely phenomenal woman made me applaud you louder.

You taught me that even when nobody else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. You busted every notion people had about you, proved that you were more capable of things than you ever imagined & with time you became the best version of yourself. Seeing you breaking up with every man who was an escape-hatch, returning to high school, signing up for college, & even starting your own company without an ounce of fear or hesitance was beautiful, not only because of how inspiring it was, but also because of how real it felt.

You dived from several shallow flings to an ocean of love with Ted, even when he didn’t love you back. You’re human, you made mistakes & were brave enough to own them & painfully walk away, just for his sake. Fate rewarded your graciousness with a love like Ted’s, & you kept it as close to your heart as you could, for as long as you could. The moment when you painstakingly ended your relationship with Ted, brought out the essence of your entire progress. You’d accepted what was best for both of you, & you had finally learnt to let go of the thing you’d loved with all your heart.

You were an understanding daughter, despite your tricky relationship with your parents. You took pride in being their daughter, & despite the occasional dysfunctionalities, you held your family closer to your heart than you ever said. You were an incredibly non-judgmental & supportive sister, & when I saw you walking your brother down the aisle, I smiled wide, as behind every “Ew, David” you hid a magnanimous amount of love for him.

Your growth from being just a shallow, pretty blonde who needed others to make her feel fulfilled, to being someone who felt fulfilled within herself was exemplary. So for acing that tough journey, I proudly extol the queen that Alexis Rose is.

With love,
Your biggest admirer.

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