The boy with the unstitched heart

The boy with the unstitched heart,
It’d be crazy to call him anything but a work of art.
With his cheerful, glowing face and a mind so wise,
Just like after a cold, stormy night, his presence feels like the warmth of an early sunrise.

The boy with the cosmic smile,
He doesn’t ask for much, but you’ve gotta make him laugh to be worth his while.
Masking his shyness behind a subtle blush, “I’m not really that great”, he’ll often say,
Little does he know, just the sound of his voice feels like a warm hug after a tiresome day.

The boy with the scruffled beard,
If you’re worthy, he’ll open up to you about everything he’s ever feared.
Every time you talk, he’ll listen as intently as a child hearing a fascinating tale,
It’ll appall you how even years later he’ll remember it all, every tiny detail.

The boy with the dreamy hazel eyes,
Laughs at the silliest things, and to cover his red blushing face, so very hard he tries.
Along with his love for cats and football, he obsesses over making jokes about my poor eyesight,
Chuckling with love in his eyes, he’ll pull me closer, and then just hug me really tight.

The boy with the dark silky hair,
Makes his kind of sincerity & loyalty seem like the rarest of the rare.
His passion, intelligence and of course his intoxicating smell,
Calls me blind, yet doesn’t see how on my heart he’s cast such a spell.

The boy with the unstitched heart,
He’s been hurt a lot, but picks himself up every time he falls apart.
“Heartbreaks come and go”, he says, but from falling in love I won’t abstain,
Handing me the broken pieces of his heart with a smile, he gives me the honor, to stitch it back together again.

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