A fabulous book ‘The Alchemist’

I completed reading ‘The Alchemist’ by Sir Paulo Coelho just yesterday and I’m still wondering how nicely and deeply he wrote.

In every single page of the book, I found myself alive, living in some other world.

There were so many lessons and teachings to take from the book, I couldn’t even count.

The difficult and tiring journey of Santiago, the boy, towards achieving his destiny, was mesmirizing. The ups and downs in the whole plot by the author depicts it’s greatness.

So, I just couldn’t put a halt and I wrote this short poem to depict what I learnt from the book.

It’s here:

The soul of the world is there


Deep inside

In oceans, deserts, mountains, forests


You just need to follow the omens

Trust the omens

Hope you like it!

And do give ‘The Alchemist’ a read.

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