A Letter To Santa Claus.

Dearest Santa,
         Hey Santa how are you? I hope you are doing well and must be busy packing your bags filled with happiness which your going to drop at everyone’s door step this Christmas. I hope Rudolf is also doing well and his red noise is still Shinning.
         Writing letters to you was my favourite part when I was in school. All thanks to my teachers who had made this a habbit for all of us and we all used to come with lots of demands from you. You were the biggest hope we had, that there is a person who is keeping a close watch on our deeds and accordingly you would plan for our gifts. For that very reason we thought that let’s keep our deeds pure and our words polite so that we receive those gifts which we have asked from you. The strange thing was we never received what we had written in our letters to you, but you gifted what according to you we deserved. You gave us peace, excitement, love, affection and also made us realise that you need to have patience to receive the best.
          I used to always write for the things I never had like be it toys, clothes, video games etc, but today being a grown up adult I realise that what I had with me that time was more than what some kids were not even able to recieve it. So today I write to you that you please pay attention to those prayers which never reached you. When I compare my sorrows with them, Santa I realise that those were nothing infront of the cries which I see everyday. Orphaned kids dont have anyone to fulfill their wishes, so I write you to please gift them parents who will adopt them and give them all the happiness they deserve. I have seen old parents in the old age homes waiting for their children’s to take them home. Please Sant give some good thoughts to those children who abandon their parents and ask them to take them home. There are people who are living on the streets, deprived of food, clothes and basic necessities, please Santa fulfill their wishes.
          Santa you must be wondering why am I not asking anything for myself, trust me I have everything with me. My family is with me, my friends love me alot and now I am capable enough to fulfill my wishes as well as the wishes of my parents as well. All this you have only gifted me, so please gift the ones who are needy. So my this year’s wish is you help them who require you the most and bring a smile on their face. Apart from all this if you still want to gift me something then make sure that you use of the Sanitizer I have kept outside my house and also Sanitize the gift box as well, we humans have gifted our self a deadly virus so everyone needs to follow the protocol. You are special to all of us so please follow the norms as we don’t want to loose you. Thank You Santa for all the memories you gave me.

Your favourite Child
                                         Manish A.R Makwana

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