Being With You

“Being With You”

Hey there new Me..
I am so much in love
with you..
I so hate my old Me..
It never made me grew..
Being with you I realised..
I just had to be true.

The old me used to worry
In unwanted arguments he
used to get caught..
He always wanted to seek
some attention, which he
never got..
Whenever he used to get
angry, his face turned red
But hey there new Me..
Being with you I realised
that happiness can never
be brought.

That Old me was always afraid
of being alone…
He used to be low key and
there were hardly any instances
where he had his attitude
By the way thank you New Me..
By Being with you, all my flaws
and negativity I have overthrown.

The old me always had the urge
of being wanted..
He thought that if people are
are not around him, his life
will get haunted..
This all had happen to him
because whatever he used
to do people had always taunted..
But thank You New Me..
After Being with you, I left
behind everything which was

Being with you nah New Me..
I know that I have been set
Now I love doing all that which
people stopped me doing, by
being carefree..
But I still miss that innocent,sweet
and kind Old Me.

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