The EPIDEMIC is not yet over!

Today people around are quite happy and cheerful that the vaccine for the deadliest virus, The Corona Virus has finally come and within a few days will come to the reach of common public. The news channels continuously flash this good news as the world’s biggest breaking news. The people taking the first dose feel nervous along with great pleasure. The one ready to take the first dose has a lot of courage and dare to take a step forward for his/her nation development.

 Today it’s the time of joy when we finally have a solution for this death leading micro germ, but are we all forgetting something? Yes, we are. The pandemic is not yet over, we have found the compound which can suspend the effect of virus but not the mixture which can completely kill the microbe.

The pandemic in the year 2020 has made us realize the worth of a human being, the value of our relations, the morals behind our culture but was it all only for that particular year? The straight forward answer is NO. We still have to maintain the balance in our lives, have to remember the importance of everything we learnt in the year 2020.

The year 2020 has forced us to understand the significance of wearing a mask to protect our nose and mouth from inhaling the destructing micro organism and the urge to sanitize ourselves to avoid getting in contact with the harmful germ during the period of a pandemic.

 As we just discussed that the pandemic is not yet over, the virus which was identified in Wuhan in the last few days of the year 2019 is still showing its effect worldwide and now it’s our duty to not only celebrate the glee about the announcement of the vaccination for the deadliest Corona Virus but also to continue the practice of regular sanitization, wearing masks and maintaining social distance in order to flush out this creature from our lives and not allowing any other such kind of harmful bug to snatch our happiness and our living  from us.

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