I hold your warmth

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I hold your warmth, through the imprints of your touch
to use it as panacea, whenever the weathers, turn, rough as such,
for, in the deserts, arid, of solitary nights, it’s cold, that rules me, body and mind,
as even beneath the brighter lights, it’s darkness, that enacts, predator, of a kind,
I hold your warmth, not out of fear, or some imagination of griefs,
but, I know, I can fight every frost, each mist, if I have that warmth, wrapped in my beliefs..
So what, if I adore you, in person, and in even imagination, and as an illusion too,
for, love or for that matter, attraction, it’s not just rules, but some relaxations too… 


I hold your warmth,
By tightly hugging that sweater,
That spreads not only your fragrance,
But also your melancholic absence,
Eyes struck at empty wall,
While taking deep sighs,
Thinking about you and us,
The time I cherish and consider leisure,
Our bond and tenderness none can measure.


I hold your warmth
Long after you are gone
A memory stitched into my heart
Like a song on repeat that I long
Over and over I simply want
Just to be again in your arms


I hold your warmth,
Not only to fight this
Shiver-inducing weather,
But also the cold waves
Of life, be it any season.
Any year, day or moment,
You and your hearty love
Come to my rescue and
Leave me spellbound
Over and over again.
Each time a problem strikes
Me, my being, my existence
You just enter the scene and
Play your magic with an
Invisible, affectionate wand.
The dilemma goes shooed away
And all I can do is, merely,
Stare at you as you hug me
While leaving to get back
On your own track that
You had skipped in the mid
Because you had to come
To rescue me against the
Cold waves of this freezing life.
How would I not then, tell me,
Hold your soothing warmth,
Just the closest to my heart?


I hold your warmth so tight,
Wondering if everything would become right.
I don’t want to leave your imprints behind,
because something so true, is elusive to find.
In this world that only knows to devour,
Will this love be ever thine, ever mine and ever ours?


I hold your warmth
In a place where
the cold winds of hate
cannot reach.
I hold your warmth
In every breath I breathe.


I hold your warmth
On my bare breasts.
In soft kiss on forehead
In caress wrinkled hands
In my lap where you sleep carefree
Granting me purpose for my existence


I hold your warmth and nurture the tree of love,
Which we lovingly grew from the seed we sowed.
The tree bears sweet fruits of passion and love,
And we cherished them with utmost glee.
I may now be left only with your fond memories,
But these memories provide me the warmth of solace,
No wind or frost can wither the tree that’s ours,
It will forever remain lush in the pages of history.


I hold your warmth,
Within my palm
My life was full of thorns ,
And i was stuck in a storm
You came and made it go
Thank u God for you not nurturing your ego


I hold your warmth,
Carry it with me ensuring no harm.
Embracing the fragments whole time,
I eat, sleep, walk and make my poems rhyme.
You were curious, how readers bait,
Hon, Its your imagery I create.
I still regret it misses your Cologne,
Else It had been trending song.


I hold your warmth within me
For months and nights and days.
Little you, you make me smile in so many ways.
I hold your warmth, again, in both of my palms.
I know you grew up within me;
Your warm cries make me calm.


I hold your warmth
in the palm of my hand
you give it unto me
as if it is a prize to be won
I humbly accept it
like gold made from thin air
a miracle in and of itself


I hold your warmth in my bosom,
To help me bloom like cherry blossom.
No matter which season I’m in,
Your fond memories will make me forever grin.
You’re the bonfire flame, warming me to the core,
Such is your presence that I forget I’ve been sore.


I hold your warmth upon my skin
your beating heart invites me in
I shed the cold detachment found in my darkness
You wrap your love around me tight
protecting me from the empty night
curing me of the curse in becoming heartless


I hold your warmth; as tonight I unwind,
Deep down the abyss; in an unlit fragment of my mind,
Wrapped in solace; away from the daily grind,
Burning inside out; the tapes I rewind,
Lost in your eyes; again, myself I find,
Our passion raging brighter; every time I turn behind.


I hold your warmth beneath me,
When you wrap your arms around me and hug me tight.
I can feel your heart beating with excite,
I can see your eyes delight seeing my sight.
I love the fire in you which ignites,
With a promise to make me feel alright.


I hold your warmth, in my festering heart. Forging its broken pieces together, finding comfort in the illusion of your memories… I hold your warmth, in my empty eyes Scanning endless faces for the enchanting smile, that has me wandering through nothingness…


I hold your warmth
Between my arms and inside my beating heart,
When the world tries to pull me apart,
You hold me together,
When you look at me with those deep eyes,
I feel I have broken free of all the worldly ties,
Your one-touch rekindles my soul,
Your unconditional love is what makes me whole.


I hold your warmth close to my chest
In moments of despair
To keep warm in those flights of pain
that has no escape anywhere.
I hold your warmth close to my chest
In moments of self-doubt
To know that you’re beside me
Because you give me hope.
I hold your warmth close to my chest
For you are the only savior
That has abundant space
To give me place in your heart.
I hold your warmth close to my chest
Cause you are my friend forever
The soul of my soul
In you, I eternally trust.


I hold your warmth today
As I swaddle you in my hands
I hold your innocence
All inhibitions I currently shun
As I clutch you tightly to my bosom
I lean forward to smooth the scrawny skin
Nine months of amniotic fluid did them within
As you move those lips
and flash on that surreal smile
Your face lights up like a million stars and
Today I oblige you with those hundred kissses
I had planted them each day on my belly bump
Now that I hold you my son
My heart proudly thumps
MINE, it sings


I hold your warmth if it is still there
running through my thoughts
The space and time that is all there
cold creeps shivering bones
Passing moments slowly when living
confined on a bed for recovery
Regrets, fear and staring at nothing
warmth is all I need now so weary
I hold your warmth for what it is left
to know if you are there for me too.
Before my eyes close for the night
warmth will lead me back to you.


I hold your warmth,
In a corner of my heart.
I still feel those moments,
When I lay entwined in your arms.

Now that you’re gone,
I wonder, who’ll love me.
The way you did,
Ah! In nostalgia I again skid.

And then I wake up from my reverie,
Promising myself to smile in your fond memory.
For I know, thou shower upon me the warmth of your love,
Even from the heavens above!


I hold your warmth and love
To coddle my crestfallen soul
Chasing the elusive exuberance
Behind the gossamer of unknown quest
Cascading poignant pearls
Caress my glistened core
Drenching me with the wistful golden days of yore.
Holding onto the last
Pedicle of your fervid warmth
Yearn to reunite amidst stars
With love for eternity.


I hold your warmth till the break of the dawn,
As you caressed my curls from night to morn,
While you kiss my honey dipped lips,
Curling your hands around my hips,
My life turns into coruscating kaleidoscope of colours,
Your every tender touch turn into horripilating hues like no other,
How do you turn my days into moments of affettuoso?
Are you a musician playing the tunes like a maestro?
Tell me one last time sweetheart,
Do you crave for me as I do when I am apart?


I hold your warmth amidst the chilliest nights,
It wishpered to me of the world of lights.
Went we to the auroras glistening,
Quite akin to your eyes, listening
To the silence settled somewhere in the vieled corner,
Amongst the hustling and bustling events. An enlightenment stormer?
As if the rise of tide in some sunken sea,
With my soul it performed a dance of eternity.


I hold your warmth
To feel the distance a little lesser
The pain little less severe
World little less cruel
I hold your warmth
To feel your presence real

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