The Indian January

Good morning

It’s the January morning

Winters have arrived

but not for the Mumbaikars.

wanted to flaunt my winter fashion

but ended up wearing cotton

But this evening the city was moaning

Under the rain of January evening

People’s were making new year resolutions

But I was busy finding solution

With beautiful festivals

January is unforgettable

With beginning of season of Rabi
We celebrated lohri

For the spiritual practice took a dip in holy river

We celebrated makar sankranti

In Tamil Nadu for beginning of harvest festival

We celebrated pongal

Waiting for republic day

To watch the flag pass by day

Flag will flutter in the breeze

It will be sight of peace

Days became short

With the sun spark

And night’s dark

But let’s begin the journey of 2021 so far. We all have so much hope from 2021 to fight for corona. I wish all the things get sort. School colleges are about to open people are about to start the new normal. Wearing the mask holding the sanitizer gives the feeling of a soldier. Praying for happiness. Praying for farmers as they are the real heroes. We should start the journey of January positively. Sitting in the balcony with slowly moving winds gave the hope to be somebody or extraordinary in the life of ordinary. Picked up my pen & book to calculate the look. Want to be a doctor started preparing for it with a new hope.

The Indian January is something different with a hope toward new year to the blessings of ever festival. People are united in India & hoping it last forever. Vaccination are being getting tested and about to start let’s cross the fingers to be a fighter. Local trains were started with a balance rush of college students. We sighed after exam pressure & depressed of the results. Journey of a medicos life. many people blessed & many got stressed but January breezes gave comfort to each one. Life is about to restart with full speed. Television serials got started people taking precautions & continuing there work as January started.

January is bliss

As the sunset kissed

I started my page

And got my poetries on stage

With a hope

I opened my poetry envelope

Gave wings to my passion

I think it’s the best decision

Writing my thoughts on page

With no rage

Just my opinions

Just like pinion

No plagiarisms allowed

To be significant in crowd

Won first certificate for my poetry

Nothing could be this pretty

From writing one liners

To fiction stories

My January glories

From January to December

We have to rememberIt’s life

And we have to fight.

So let’s not spread negativity & pray for better year ahead & complete our goals without thinking any thing. Be with family members & protect the nature for better future and remember.

Nature inspire to aspire
& Encourages you to be a fighter
Nature will never dishearten you
No matter what it will always surround you
It has a shade of spirit
& Make us amaze by it
It’s humane wind
Pleases the mind
It’s smiling sun
Awake us in the dawn
From misty moon
To pleasing shining background
Nature is a beautiful angel wearing green
Or just a fairytale dream?
Nature is healer
The most beautiful life partner

And remember self care is rare so care for your self

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