The Melancholic Stillness

Silence of my pain which is unheard and unseen, goes deeper in my thoughts daily as no one wants to know what it means..

This heavy heart is filled with lots of words to share,
But there’s no one who cares.
The mayhem of chaos running beneath me,
I wonder does anybody see.

The pain of the heart can be seen in my eyes,
Which is left in disguise,
Just to make sure that it won’t cry.

Now this silence takes me to the lonely nights,
near a sea, where my mind gets free and the heart starts to plea.
The waves greet me by touching my feet,
The sky which is fully covered with stars shinning so bright, tries to make me feel light.
The moon from the top height constantly having his sight on me as if he knows why I am quite.

The cold breeze touches my soul when it hugs me tight.
This is the only night where I feel alright.
My wounds start to heal which were concealed.
My feelings are heard and tears are wiped.
The night made me feel light, the heaviness of heart was destroyed and my silence got some noise..!!!

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