Under a different sky

This is getting more and more difficult by the day! It’s really a tough job to choose just a few winners amongst so many beautiful poems.

While we chose 6 winners only this time (we decided we were going very lenient and received feedback to get more competitive), there were several other entries which were worth a read; so here they are!

quirky_cupcake – Poem of the day!

Under a different sky
Life strutted around in heels
Unaffected in its serendipity
A monarch reigning over time
Not unlike you at all
Or so you were led to believe
When you fossilized me
Like a fly caught in amber


Under a different sky
Lips get sealed and eyes begins to dream,
An eerie feeling arises,
It is nothing but Pain
wrapped in illusions of star dust,
Sprinkled, visible from every lane,
From there I wish to get heal in nanoseconds,
But soon wishes get nullify and in vain.


Under a different sky,
a mother loves you,
no matter what you can or cannot do,
but sometimes a mother differentiates,
between what she wants and who’s her favorite,
those times a child’s heart breaks,
for the only love they knew was somehow fake


Under a different sky,
I’d be swimming in your love,
But the greys now shroud,
The azure mantle above,
Murky waters surround me,
Threatening a watery grave,
A sign from the Universe maybe,
My blinded soul to save!


Under a different sky
A different past awaits you and I
Our eyes meet, like they did
But our hearts do not…
Unlike how it is under this sky
Where we aren’t us anymore
While our hearts ache incessantly
in the loosened tangles of our lost knot!


Under a different sky,
All I’ve got to say is a simple “Hi”.
Struggle it is, the words won’t come out.
They remain within, no matter how hard I try.
The mind feels cosmic
and the words feel like stars in the sky.
Not those shooting stars that you would’ve thought of;
That’ll come down with just a try.


Under a different sky
I was nurtured
Under a different sky
I was groomed
But now it’s time to bloom
And Am gripped by fear
Of a sky that’s waiting
To disappear


Under a different sky,
I loved me unconditionally
I flew; up, above & carefree!
I lived every moment like there is no tomorrow…
Today, I look up the sky above;
it is about dawn break,
Oh that ache – Caged heart, insomniac mind…
How do you wake up the one who isn’t even asleep?


Under a different sky
Will you promise to be mine
Will you stare me while I caress my hair,
And stop me to tie them, please swear.
Will you touch me with silly excuse.
And sneak all the chances to misuse.
Please give me this handful flakes
Just one to ease my ache.


Under a different sky…
Under a different moon …
I hope I meet you soon…
We may be worlds apart
You will be the only one in my heart
I won’t let my emotions sway
Till I join you in your world …..
My heart will keep floating your way


Under a different sky
I will be the queen of the realm.
The moon will glow on
My tiara of stars.
Under that different sky
I will taste bliss;
The essence of serenity
Now amiss.


Under a different sky,
We said our goodbyes,
Our paths crossed for a reason,
I must say it was the most beautiful season,
For my memories of you are still new,
Like the early morning dew,
But somethings were not meant to be,
Like the story of you and me.


Under the different sky,
they both lie, reminisce and cry.
Promises were made of a new beginning,
but here they are, separated and hurting.
The wounds of their past were not yet healed,
both tried fighting back(failed), because the hurt ran too deep.
Is the sky really different or rather same,
aren’t they just too ill-fated to be together in one frame?


Under a different sky,
I made a beautiful,
New world,
My own little universe,
In the expanse of the existing universe
Encompassing love,
Harmony , peace!
A beautiful hearth,
An Abode of positivity,
All just with you!


Under a different sky let’s meet again,
Where our love will be in arcane,
Forgetting about all our today’s strain,
A new life we will regain,
Where you will have my surname,
A life where our love will sustain,
And it will make you go insane,
Because this time we won’t refrain!


Under a different sky
The flowers seem so shy
The wind so feisty
The clouds, they almost cry…

And then I look outside my window
And let out a little sigh
The sky is the same after all
What’s different is time…


Under a different sky I wish to be reborn,
Where the world is painted in love,
No differences, no biases, no deliberate abhorrence,
Set me free, O, Lord, and take me with You,
I’ve heard You treat everyone the same,
And, I wish to bloom like a pretty wildflower,
Irrespective of where I’m planted,
Smiling with all my heart and basking in an affable company.


Under a different sky,
specks of blooming clouds,
are you gonna find a taker,
or be your own cheerleader?
Is it gonna be you vs the world or you vs you?
Are you gonna be a grateful giver or lone ranter?
Are you gonna scream your name in the howling winds or whisper in the silent woods?
Love is where you are, what you are. Just let it flow, let it flow let it flow.


Under a different sky,
I’ll see you someday, for sure.
We won’t even have to try,
Cause they said, our love is sacred and pure.
On a star-studded carpet, together we’ll fly,
Far away from this hurting world, you’re all my cures.
Wait, is this something magical or am I high?
These arms wrapping me, are they really yours?


Under a different sky,
when we will be reborn as sweet sixteen lovers,
All that I couldn’t give you in this life,
I will melt you with my figments of words,
And your steady river of emotions
Will drench my inflated ego,
While we experience ecstasy under
The same starry night albeit a different era!


Under a different sky , on a turf far away
I behold the good times as clouds flee by
Wasn’t it just yesterday we drifted away
Then why does it feel like a century
You say, time passes and we will move on
Then why does my clock refuse to tick by
Oh my love, kiss me out of this bad dream
Let me find you nigh, with me under the same sky!

Under a different sky,
when we will be reborn as sweet sixteen lovers,
All that I couldn’t give you in this life,
I will melt you with my figments of words,
And your steady river of emotions
Will drench my inflated ego,
While we experience ecstasy under
The same starry night albeit a different era!

Sonam Bhattbhatt


“Under a different sky”
Under a different sky
I shall bloom
Where I won’t be killed for being a girl
Where I’ll be nurtured
With abundance of love,
A world free of prejudices
Where idols of Goddesses aren’t worshipped
Live deities are!
©Kaberi Mukherjee


Under a different sky,
I yearn for a life devoid of sorrows,
Where I can plant seeds of eternal happiness,
that feeds me with fruits of mirth,
A place where I can garner all my dreams,
And turn them into realities on a whim.
A utopian world where anything and everything is possible,
And a place that resonates with the message of peace and love.


Under a different sky
Where you are still mine
Watching the stars we lie
Along with our arms our hearts also entwine
I know though this is just a lie
It’s been long that your heart has ceased to be mine
It’s only a dream which always makes me cry
A different sky is where you now shine


Under a different sky
At different dawns & dusks
In the diversity of human colors
And God’s bountiful creations
We share the world together
Enough bloodshed over greed or hunger
Rather contribute love and peace
Live it up to the sisterhood of man


Under a different sky, where we can freely fly
Let’s explore all, that here we couldn’t try
So many boundaries here, time to say them goodbye
Paint our own canvas, put whatever we desire
The one masterpiece that is pleasing to the eye
No one to answer to, put an end to all the why’s
Come out of the shell, breathe freely, aim high
Hopeful, this different sky will drench all that is dry


Under a different sky;
You might want me to fly high and shine bright,
I have new hopes and dream,
You have your own vision and fleet;
I have your arms to feel safe,
You have your own world to make;
I still believe you will wind my wings alive,
Howbeit, under a different sky.


Under a different sky,
Let’s not lie,
Let’s share our insecurities,
Let’s talk about our priorities,
Let’s understand everyone’s privacy,
Let’s understand different relationships and intimacy,
Let’s stop thinking about what the world will say,
Let’s stop finding the right time to live and live every day.


Under a different sky
Your life wont be so dry
Your tears wont touch the ground
Your smile wont be unfound
Under a different sky
Your life wont be passing by
Your arms wont be tightly bound
Your ears would hear a different sound


Under a different sky,
Neither too low nor to high,
Where horses swim and fishes fly,
An impossible place,
By a misty lake;
Lying in my hammock,
I let my imagination go wild,
To conjure a different sky.


Under a different sky,
On a black canvas,
Gods painted red.
Screams of mute pain,
Dead poets left unread.
Under a different sky,
No story was ever made.
People lived apathetically, waiting death.


Under a different sky a new sun will rise I will hold your hand and you’ll hold mine
Together then we’ll start our tryst with tomorrow
A new day awaits for us beyond these clouds of sorrow
But till then we’ll walk our own ways
I know we will see each other at crossroads once again
But till then keep me alive in your heart
For we’ll meet again under a different sky & a new dawn.


Under a different sky, I stand today towering high
A weary traveler juxtaposed from a paradoxical journey
My sky is lit in pink hues, the bucolic setting seems to be my muse
The Aurora of the twilight sky, seems ominous to my dreary eyes
I await new beginnings, I await the eternal elixir
As I stand under the different sky
I transmogrify, I prepare my angelic wings
That are ready to fly high


Under a different sky,
I dig deep into myself,
To know me better,
As that’s the need for the day.
I wish to undo the things,
And do it in a different way,
Probably much better than before.
I wish to relive those moments,
Of peace and tranquility,
Just to feel at ease amidst my worries.


Under a different sky,
May , none of us have to cry
For the people that are gone or any ally,
May, none of us have to fake a smile ,
While ,having eyes as same as Nile,
Maybe ,under that different sky ,
People will desire to fly instead of flee, like a butterfly
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that sky wouldn’t be a lie?

Thank you everyone, for the enthusiasm and support. Happy WriteFluencing!

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