Nithya Shankari – Winner (Theme Erotica)

Nithya Shankari lives on the outskirts of Chennai with her doting husband (who is the main inspiration for her writings) and a lovable son (the newly found inspiration). Before a writer, she is a voracious reader to the extent that she would buy books in kilograms during her summer holidays. Her all-time favourite is Agatha Christie and her newly found romance is Nicholas Sparks. She was in high school when she discovered the joy of writing.

“Friendship is a flower; the hands of both the giver and the receiver cling with the fragrance of love” is the very first line she wrote as a 14-year-old and there was no stopping ever since. Though a commerce graduate, her love for languages and literature led her to choose her profession as a content writer, for she believes that passion and profession should be the same. She doesn’t believe in passion as a hobby and profession as a means of living.

Content and creative writer by profession, she has written four songs for a Thamizh movie which are in three different genres – Love, motivation, and philosophy. The bliss of writing is what keeps her motivated in her day-to-day life. She believes her pen speaks her mind better than her tongue.

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