I promise to comfort you every time your favourite football team loses the match. I promise to be your personal photographer and click great, Instagram worthy pictures of you. I promise to let you win an argument every once in a while, even though you know I am always right.

I promise to always agree that you aren’t a rash driver and that you know your directions well. I promise to try my best to not yell at you when I’m too hungry. I promise to take only two extra spoons of Maggi from your plate. I promise to share every juicy detail of gossip and drama that comes my way with you.

I promise to try and be as excited and awestruck by cats as you are. I promise to always root for your favourite superhero or sports player even though I’m clueless about it. I promise to keep our shopping trips as short as possible, and not confuse you with hundreds of options. I promise to love you a little more than I love Nutella. I promise to always notice a fresh shave or a new haircut. I promise to not laugh too much every time you are so clueless about recipes and ingredients. I promise to help you out with your occasional fashion faux pas. I promise to remind you about our upcoming anniversary well in advance.

I promise to not argue for too long over where or what to eat. I promise to help you beautify your pictures or videos, and to polish your college essays with fancy vocabulary. I promise to give you your hoodies back no matter how warm and cozy they make me feel. I promise to not get too mad at you when you oversleep. I promise to help you clean the kitchen when you mess it up, while trying to cook something for me. I promise to not get too insecure of other girls that hit on you. I promise to control my excitement and stop myself from revealing the surprises and gifts I have for you.

I promise to frequently bake cakes, and cook my special Pav Bhaji and Pasta for you. I promise to kiss any scratch or wound you get while fighting off an animal or insect I’m scared of. I promise to randomly spam you with messages while you’re asleep so that you wake up with a smile on your face. I promise to be your shoulder to lean on, whenever you need it. I promise to be there for you when you need to vent, and to respect your silence and give you space when you need it. I promise to hold your hand at every chance I get. I promise to never make you feel like you’re alone. I promise to be your bestfriend, your ride or die. I promise to never let go of you without a fight. I promise to choose you.

In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality; I promise to find you, and choose you.

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