Aashvi Shah – Winner (Theme Erotica)

Our poetry contest winner who wove a beautiful poem around the theme on Erotica, Aashvi Shah is a 20-year old media student from Mumbai. Being a part time scribbler, writing has always been a passion for her, and the older she grows, the more she tries to explore different writing genres and formats.

Being well versed with English since school days, literature and language have always been her favourite subjects, while advertising & media is her passion. Like her name, she likes to believe that her work is also unique in terms of honesty, relatability & imperfection.

Writing for Aashvi is an escape from a chaotic world, and her pieces reflect the feelings that even others can resonate with. She doesn’t chase perfection, she simply write from the heart & for her writing is not to impress, but to express. She is a risk taker, and she tries to write all different genres & formats.

I firmly believe that audience engagement isn’t vital, the joy one gets from writing is.

Aashvi Shah

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