Human Intimacy – the story of an Inhuman

Unlike all others I’m not born with a fleshy skin, nor spent nine months in a mother’s womb but I was able enough to make my family feel happy and every moment they spend with me would be a memorable and enjoyed one with lots and loads of fun.

I cannot speak words but can only make one sound which irritates people very often. I have a body covered with layers of steel and aluminum. Unlike all others my body does not contain organs made of tissues and cells instead my organs are made of rubber, copper, glass and many other special fibers, but I also have a life, have feelings and emotions also have a heart called the camshaft. I may not be very much interesting but I have a story in myself, my experiences which makes me look fascinating and knowing my story would be worth of your time.

I was born in a very big work room infrastructure; I can actually be called a lab baby in human language. Not nine months but ones all my organs were fixed within a few days I was launched in this world. Like all other babies my launch into the world and my naming ceremony was celebrated in a very grand way.
After a few days a new family adopted me and within very less time I became one of the most important members of their life. We all lived happily, went on long tours and trips, my family gave me so much importance that I was also taken to supermarkets, play grounds and also family parties. Sometimes when I was ill and troubled my family, refused to go along with them to trips and journeys they did scold me but also showed me to my specialized doctor and made me feel better always.

During the age between teenage and adulthood when few peripatetic creatures of my category eve-teased me by looking and whistling at me, my family didn’t criticize me, instead took action towards the eve-teaser in a legal way by increasing my speed of reaching my destiny and crossing all the brutalizes as trespassers. My family is actually very polite, they ask me to speak only when it is necessary in an intention of not irritating the others in traffic and also ask me to open my eyes only during evening and night journeys, they always appreciated my bright views and intensity of light , they always followed all the traffic rules and regulations given by the government.

Now I’m in the last stages of my life leading an old aged period, My legs are now tired of travelling, my voice is now shrinked, my eyes usually blink a lot and I hardly produce high intensity light these days, my organs generally get damaged and are routinely being replaced after three or four long weekend trips. Everyone around, also my doctor now suggests my family to replace me because I have crossed the age of enjoyment and cannot support my family further, but my family refused to do so, my clan doesn’t wish me to go away from them because I now have become a major part in their memories. Though I’m not used anymore and just parked in the garage, my family never treated me as an unwanted piece. They always loved me with whole heart and will do further too. I’m not a human with death, but a manmade vehicle with sentiments, affection and fondness.

This is the kind and warmth nature of a human-being. A man is a special creature which can give words to a mute, sounds to a deaf and colours to a blind. Homo sapiens are the only life forms which can do wonders in themselves and can give life to an inhuman mortal. Huge respect and honor to human intelligence.

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