Tu Hi Hai (Dear Zindagi)

A song with a tune that can instantly uplift your mood & lyrics that leave you feeling warm & fuzzy in your heart, Tu Hi Hai is a euphonious track that elucidates the feeling of a new, breezy love, which sets your heart racing & your soul beaming with joy.

In this song about admiration, playfulness & affection, Arijit’s voice combined with Amit’s composition effortlessly manages to strike a chord & leaves you dancing to the tunes of love like never before.

//Jiske Liye Maine, Saari Haseeno Ke, Dil Tode Jaana Hai, Tu Hi Toh Nahi//

The best kind of a love is a playful, light-hearted one that leaves you at the end of the day with nothing but happiness. You found each other amidst billions of people, got your heart broken by some, even broke a few hearts yourself, but in the end found & chose each other, over & over again, because you’re just too special to one another.

//Aane Se Jiske Aa Jati Hai Saansein, Jaane Se Jiske Jaati Hai Jaanein Woh Kaun Hai, Tu Hi Hai//

Playful moments between the two of you become your fondest memories. With time as you move forward together, you realize how integral they’re in your life, almost like a part of you that you can’t do without. Their absence makes your heart wander to those playful memories, as you hold onto them tighter than ever, because life is pretty incomplete without them.

//Mere Sheron Mein Yeh Kaun Hai, Meri Shayari Mein Kaun Hai, Meri Diary Mein Kaun Hai, Tu Hi Hai//

Your love for them peeks at you from within the pages of your diary, the lyrics of your song, the words of your poetry, the strings of your guitar & the colours of your canvas, as you try to weave memories of them into a forever, the forever that you want to build for the two of you together. They’re the moon of your dark, cold night & the dream you saw for yourself since years. Your heart belongs to them now, as they relentlessly spoil it with unceasing love, & carefully nurture it like it’s their own.

//Jiske Liye Dil Bigadne Laga Hai, Jiske Liye Dil Sambhalne Laga Hai
Woh Kaun Hai, Tu Hi Hai//

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