Forever friends

Here are the mention-worthy poems written within 48 hours; on this picture prompt!


The sun may meet the moon once in a day,
Like you and me, far away from each other,
We meet hardly, as pressures of life have taken over,
Yet, we know, trust and love each other,
With massive respect and gratitude for each other.
We faithfully wake up in the morning,
Carry out the demands of the day,
Often unwillingly and compulsorily,
Yet, when we sleep at the night,
We find peace in our support system,
We know we’ll meet one day,
Pour ourselves onto each other,
Replenish ourselves with our sheer presence,
And, relive our carefree friendship days.


Title- untold stories
Submissive, fools of innocence,
Made her a delicate blossom,
Emotionally attached,
Only bound to wither.

She pondered for long,
Over barren trees,
Colourful smashed flower on sidewalk,
Remembering the era of howling leaves.

Cold chains,
of blackberry winter,
Consistently clutching her hard,
Which weakened her hope of rejuvenation.

Will snowflakes fall?
Up, her sad eyes crawled,
Season had begun to change,
Spring brought someone strange.

He was blooming,
With bud of love,
And she rejoiced with,
Pond of Tears.

Their spring of happiness,
Blown by wind of ego,
And in unpredictable rain,
She slipped, ended up falling again.

His cold embrace,
Overshadowed her rainbow soul,
Yet again her parts left bare and scattered,
Proving him winter and her the fragile autumn.


Friends lift us when the whole world lets us down,
Friends make us smile whenever we frown.
Friends help us during times of need,
Friends are a reason for us to succeed.
Friends appreciate us and never let our spirit die,
Friends point out our flaws without uttering a lie.
Friends ,at times even act silly to bring down our stress,
Friends make sure our negative thoughts
remain suppressed.
Friends are gifts from heaven and must always be cherished,
With a friend many difficult goals can be accomplished.
Friends always hold special places in our hearts,
As we grow old they become our inseparable parts.


Joy of being,
Surrounded with,
People that love you,
It’s a unique treasure!
One of its kind,
She glowed,
In their company!
Her priceless treasures!
Who knew her the best!
She could bare her,
Heart and soul!
Without being worried,
About being judged!
Her laughter and joy,
Radiated from her entire being!
Her father looked at her,
With a warm glow of affection!
The apple of his eye!
Was truly joyous!


The bond that we share
Innumerable innocuous shows we compere
Sitting by the cafe
On uneventful evenings
Waiting to catch up on things
That make our lives worth living
Friends, yes we are
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Having each other’s back
Laughing at our own silliness
Cracking jokes at each other
Amidst sporadic acts of possessiveness
A bunch of friends we are
Showing solidarity in our idiosyncrasies
Different souls with a single heart,
We are each other’s guarantees
A bunch of friends that always stick together
Bestow affection on each other
Come what may,
We will always stay Friends Forever!

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