Meghana Subramanian – Winner (Theme Erotica)

Meghana has been a poet/ writer for about 10-12 years give or take a few. Writing happened sort of naturally, she was always been enamoured by language and lyrics. She’d usually like a song based on how much she could feel the lyrics and ofcourse Gulzaar Saab being her favourite Bollywood lyricist.

An erstwhile blogger who wrote on varied topics including but not limited to – reviews (books, movies, OSTs), random musings, poetry ofcourse and as she began to write in Hindi she slowly picked up  on the beauty of Urdu as well!

Professionally, she’s a Business Analyst/Project Manager in IT services industry! That’s pretty much it career-wise and this is because the ‘Work Meghana’ and the ‘Poetess Meghana’ are sort of opposites coexisting in a single body! It wouldn’t be right to say they’re poles apart but let’s say they wouldn’t be running in the same social circles! 

Apart from poetry she’s dabbled in zentangling (which is a type of doodling) and dancing! She’s also passionate about food, she’s also an agony aunt to most of her friends!  It would be wrong to term her a therapist but more on the lines of an empath who can feel what others feel and that’s why you might find her shedding silent tears during emotional scenes of a movie.

Oh and if you haven’t guessed it already she’s a huge movie buff. So one might often hear people calling her a dramaqueen or Nautanki (muchakin her Instagram handle) because what’s life without a pinch of drama!

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