More than a lover

Have always found it alluring, this silence between us.
We need not have 100 words, for each other, or a thesis,
just a “Hi”, could speak volumes.
Just a gesture could make us laugh,
all our secrets and deep thoughts, that no one can decipher.
You can gauge my feelings, just by the tone of my speech.
You would know before I do, that something bothers me.
I wonder sometimes, if you can hear my silence.
Does it whisper or echo, what I feel inside?
Does it send you signals, what I need and what I not?
Each pause that we take, tells us stories,
where we are always, the protagonists.
We’ll always have each other’s side, is an unuttered, inferred promise;
that we never made but always kept.
With you by my side, I know that I’ll never be alone left.
I am amazed how you can reckon by my enthusiasm,
if I am in love or in trouble.
I wish and hope someday, I find myself someone like u,
who will not burst my bubble.
You are not my lover, nor am I yours, you are my soul mate.
My best friend for ever and ever, ain’t death do us apart.

Written by Ayesha Bordekar

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