The story of my miscarriage

To my dearest baby,

I don’t know where you will be right now,
I wish I could see you somehow.
The day you came in my womb was the bestest day of my life,
As if I got a new meaning to survive.
I was so happy that my legs didn’t stop dancing,
Because I was about to get a new bonding.
I started falling for you more with each day,
Where for your good health and safety I used to pray.
Each time when i was about to visit for checkup,
I used to get so excited to see you more grown-up.
You were the beat of my heart and blood to the veins,
Daily my body used to drain but for me you were my main.
Suddenly one day I don’t know what happened that you got so much of strain,
And you left me with tears and lots of pain.
Baby, I will never forget that day when you left me alone,
In a deep agony I was drown.
May be I didn’t took much care for you,
And that’s the reason you didn’t grew,
Baby, this pregnancy for me was all new,
And I did cared a lot each time which you knew.
May be it was our fate and gods decision,
That we didn’t reached our conclusion,
And with a heavy heart I made a confession.
Where I blamed myself for not taking good care of you,
And you consoled me with a promise that next time you will outgrew.
I still miss you my baby, waiting for you to come,
Where a mother I will become.
While touching your tiny feet I will go numb,
And seeing your smile I will get goosebumps.
I will and always love you my baby, please do come.
As am waiting for the day where you will call me mum.

Yours loving mother

Pooja Solanki

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