The three musketeers

Shalini had a fight with her friends this morning during the lunch break in her class. She was very much disturbed at school. After reaching home she just freshed up and headed towards the balcony. Her brother went and accompanied her after sometime.
“Look at the sky Shashank, is it not filled with pollution and smoke all over?, questioned Shalini looking at the sky, standing in the balcony.
“Yes didi, it is all because of the vehicle smoke and those factory chimneys”, said Shashank supporting Shalini.
“Yeah, Kittu mama has also bought a new car yesterday right?”, asked Shalini.
“Yes, yes, It is a Maruti Swift, ZXI model”, answered Shashank.
“Don’t worry Shalini, Kittu mama will take all of us for a ride too”, said Shalini’s father hearing their conversation.
“Ha papa, we will go to a family picnic”, said Shashank.
“Papa, answer me a question”, said Shashank.
“Ask my dear”, said his father.
“There were three ants standing in a line. The first ant told there are two other behind her, the second one told there was another on behind her but the third one told there are two other ants behind her. How?”, asked Shashank.
“Because they were standing in a circle”, answered Shalini in a confused way.
“Shalini, I mentioned they were standing in a line”, said Shashank.
“You answer it beta, I give up”, said his father after a pause.
“It’s simple papa, the third ant was speaking a lie”, said Shashank with a giggle.
“ What a bad joke!”, said Shalini in an arrogant way.
“Papa, you know today our math class was a free class “, said Shalini facing her father
“Why so?”, asked her father
“Just because she didn’t wanted to take the class as she was tired”, answered Shalini.
“Are you talking about that short hair specs teacher?”, asked Shashank impatiently.
“Yes”, replied Shalini.
“She didn’t take our class too, she said she had a fight with her in-laws”, said Shashank.
“Does your faculty share all these with you?” asked Shashank’s father eagerly.
“Yes papa, they share everything with us” replied Shalini.
“In our days….” Spoke Shalini’s father.

“Oh, hello the three musketeers, have you not finished your talks yet?”, spoke Shantha breaking the conversation between her husband and her children.
After sometime when Shalini finished her homework, she wrote in her diary,
“The bliss of family love and a cup of coffee
with my favorite people in the balcony
I forget all my agony.
There in a complete relish I bloom,
sniffing the fresh flower’s perfume.
My lectures and those silly talks,
I wonder if someday these walls would call me a chatter box.
In the company of my dad and brother I find my happiness key,
And my mom says, we are a perfect three.”

Written by Thanughna

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