Time in hand / In the hands of time?

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There lies a rare unstable thief,
Who is continuously moving like a rat,
constantly dislocating every second,
Saving his tail with every chase from wild cat.

He steals the real moment in nanoseconds,
Does not wait for anybody’s confirmation,
Strangely, he gives us memories,
Which we later ponder upon, cry and tell old stories.

This robber stays with us,
Quickly takes away our precious childhood and youth,
A pick pocketer of happy moments,
Fills us with nostalgia, that’s how steals the present again.


Weekdays spent in meetings galore
Weekends running aisles of grocery store
Routine Life, spelled out ”Bore”
I got no time for love…
Lost in things practical
My mind ceases to be logical
Mundane-ism ain’t that magical
I got no time for love
Peak hour traffic, trudging along
Swear words becoming daily song
After a hard day’s toil to be home I long
I got no time for love
Love – the word so mythical
Makes people irrational
Not that’s it despicable
I got no time for love!


In abundance, yet scarce, the time, oh so precious
Makes life so indecisive, so precarious
It tests you again and again
Making you wince in pain
It sometimes drives you insane
You try to hold it, but all your efforts go in vain
You run, trying to catch it, not realizing it has already won
Life stops, memories remain, time moves on


I feel time
Slipping out of my hands
I try to hold it tight
But like water
It flows away
Leaving a delicious wetness
To be preserved
As a lingering memory.


The invisible clock in my palms
Which, sometimes, appears to me
Taking the form of lines of destiny
And makes me analyze my being,
Makes me wonder why are we all
The slaves of its power and credibility
If at all these lines can predict future and fate
Shall I also try to understand before it’s late?


Yesterday’s time is in the past tense…
The one that you can never revisit…
Tomorrow’s time is in the future tense…
Unknown to you what it may bring upon…
Today’s time is in the present tense…
The one that’s in your hands…
Do you have the heart to savor every minute of it?
Do you have the time to enjoy every second of it?


Tick tock.. tick tock..
No one can control the clock.
Neither rich nor the poor,
for every name it’s the same.
Memories that feel as if they occured yesterday,
turn to flashes of moments which seem to fade away.
Past, future and the present,
are the life’s only content.
Ups and downs are always there,
you just have to work hard and ignore the scare.
The one who wins the time-game,
Is the one who has the world-fame.


I lost you.
The time that brought you to me now took you away.
Scarred hands, bare palms,
I search for you in the folds of my tarnished books.
Famished, the heart now longs,
Burning eyes with tears unseen.
A chest; once, twice and broken thrice,
Lost in grace, befallen to Christ,
Forlorn, unanswered; the hemp now grows where you once stood,
Folded hands, I saw you defensively brood.
And now the time has come;
Shall I tug still? Or let it loose? 
The thread of fate; I’ll let it choose.


You may have gone but I still dwell
In those nostalgic moments by turning the hands of the clock;
The sublime conversations that we had over a cup of coffee,
Passionate moments during the moments of togetherness,
Your innocent smile that bloomed a garden of flowers in my heart,
The unspoken words that our eyes exchanged during the moonlit nights,
The warm sweaters that still lingers with your sweet fragrance,
And the gentle zephyr that sings songs of our love.
The sands of time has taken you to the land afar,
But from my memories you shall never depart.


Pushing the button for snooze,
I guess last night i had too much booze,
Driving like a fanatic ,
Through the mumbai traffic,
Making it to the meeting always late,
Boss with his crooked smile deciding my fate,
Dear time can we once walk side by side,
Stop making my life a joyride.


With a kiss on the forehead,
You wished me adieu.
When will you come back?
I already miss you.
The war is over years ago
And I’m still counting the minutes
With your watch clutched in my fist,
I refuse to accept my fate.


Amassing excess wealth makes me proud,
I’ll have control over the ways of the world,
I’ve hoodwinked Time through surgeries and charities,
After all, money power has dominance over all.
I boast of holding the Time in my hands,
But, Time’s hands will unexpectedly stop or change,
Success is slippery, money is a sneak,
How much then I’ll plead Time will be over.


I willed time,
Coaxed, beseeched!
To stay soft,
And tenderly in my calloused palms,
It rebuked, refuted!
It said, “You want me to stay,
You will not get tenderness!
Only harsh realities!”
The pact, Time and I made!


The sands of time
Keep slipping from my hands
I try seducing them
To pause and correct my imminent mayhem
They refuse to relent
Those stubborn grains of Time, so incoherent
I run behind the ticking clock, distraught in my sorrow
Give me a second chance, let me live for tomorrow


I may have lost trying to catch up with you in the chase…
I haven’t perished yet…
I am wide awake to make up for the lost time…
I am wide awake to hunt down the orange dawn…
Unable to trap you in my hands…
You play the hide and seek…
In the snow and in the rain…
In the day and in the night…
A day dies only for those who sleep…
I am wide awake and my day has not ended…
Oh time!
I am still travelling with you…
Will I rest until I hold you???
I will not!!!
Wait until I conquer you…


The window pane is no longer blurry
with drops of rain
The gentle rays of morning sun
Tenderly warm my calloused skin.
Hands of time caressing
my drying cheeks
And the growing blackness
Of the abyss between,
Are the rungs l have climbed
High up, to solid ground.
I gather the half-full
glasses of scotch from the console.
I don’t feel hungover anymore
It’s a timely sobriety.
My eyes are witness to reality
I have found
That all along
The piece missing
Was within.


The exuberant waves of time, slithering out of my hand
Caress my mundane existence
Akin to ambrosial zephyr soothing a restive soul, sans resistance
The imprints of your love still emblazon my glistened core
Bestowing pristine joys from dazzling glimpses of yore
My jaded and dreary soul yearns for that long-lost love
Which time stealthily stole and flew high above
My wrinkled and brooding eyes, frantically seek you
Devoured by sands of time, achieve solace in the memories of you
Nurtured by winged hope I gaze at the starry sky,
Only to be embraced by your distant arms amidst a muffled cry!


In the hands of time
I lost my heart and soul
Busy in the hustle and bustle of the city
I lost the one who made me whole
Lonely and heartbroken
I will never turn a blind eye to the sands of time
Cause we are nothing but puppets
In the hands of time

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