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The lockdown of 2020 has been most beneficial to them, they worked on their stories, got to know one another and formed such strong bonds of friendship; an unexpected outcome of connecting on social media. 

They are extremely excited to launch their first unique debut novel named On A journey Of Life on Amazon Kindle on February 2, 2021.

It’s a book with two stories by two authors, ‘As The Miles Went By’ by Kajal Rai and ‘That Summer’ by Nivedita Karmaran

Here’s a little something about their stories:
When on a journey of life, we lose the moments we love, they stay with us as memories.  These memories then become stories.

As The Miles Went By – Kajal Rai

Can a trip to the mountains with a stranger change your life forever?

When she reads her late mother’s diary, Saanchi Avasthi decides to go on a spontaneous road trip to the mountains of Uttarkashi, alongside the town’s local math professor, Arjun Singh. The only thing getting her through the guilt of taking the trip against her father’s wishes is the beautiful sunset in the hills and the echoes of her heartfelt conversations with Arjun. As she uncovers some secrets of her mother’s life from the diary throughout the trip, she struggles against the fate decided for her and dares to hope for something more out of her life and with Arjun.

But when her father’s constant demands to come back home threaten to cut her trip short, Saanchi must make a choice. Will she go back to her restrictive life or take a chance at living life on her terms?

That Summer – Nivedita Karmaran

After being forced to spend that summer at Bungalow No. 64, a thirteen-year-old recluse yet free-spirited Rashi Anand, who is bored of her parents’ monotonous lives forms an unexpected friendship with the maintenance man of her guarded society, Lalit. She should have nothing to do with him, yet they find themselves comforting and confiding in each other. But is such friendship considered forbidden? Would Rashi rebel to rescue her friendship and will their friendship stand the test of time?

With this information we are sure you would look forward to this book like us.

Save the date to download and read the book, thereafter and enjoy! 

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