Red Rose

She planted me as a new life,

Gave me water twice,

When I come outside the soil,

She taught me not to be spoil

I make new friends everyday,

They came and we play,

I bend toward bugs,

To welcome them or hugs,

I smiles to the butterflies,

To pick some pollen and than fly

I gossips with the bee,

To take some nectar and make honey,

I tells to the worms,

Please don’t make me harm,

Now I am scared, going to be dead,

Why she plucked me? even I am red,

She cared for me more,

Daily gave me water for sure,

Talk to me like her own child,

Then why she is so wild,

I can’t bare her cruel love,

Better she never come close,

Never made a conversation,

If she taken me for her decoration,

Now I am lifeless just a piece of hair bun,

Why you love me, if you only need me to make my fun.

I born with them and shed with them,

Let me to be with my leaves, thorns and stem…

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7 replies

  1. The poetic lamentation in first person by the flower is touching. The phrase ‘cruel love’ is apt. The end-of- line rhyme scheme adds to the overall enjoyment. The rhetorical question ‘ why she plucked me ?’ painfully touches a chord, doesn’t it? Very good.

  2. Good work. Would love to read more from you dear Hema Panwar.

  3. Beautiful poem Hema.
    It is not a story of flower only. Each and every line touches the heart deeply.

  4. Thank you @ Garima mam. It’s a part of what you taught to me. Feeling blessed.

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