Jayashree Pisharody – Winner (Theme Erotica)

Jayashree Pisharody, a Human Resources Specialist by profession and a Poet at heart is “JP” (as she likes to be called)

Poetry happened to her for the first time in 2017 at 3.00 a.m on some cold winter night in friendship and a late-night ponder about “life & death”, trying to accept how a soul left without a warning! Since then poetry has been the way of life in expressing an emotion.

She is a budding author and her poems are being published in a couple of anthologies. She usually likes writing poetry on the theme of love, relationships, miracles and parody usually based on real life experiences of herself or her loved ones.

When she isn’t writing poems or busy taking care of human resources at work or home, she reads and loves traveling. She chose to study Psychology for her Master’s degree and is passionate about understanding human behaviour and emotions. Thus, usually loves reading non-fiction more often.

Some of her favourite picks include “Not without my daughter” by Betty Mahmoody, “For the love of a Son” by Jean Saason and “Many lives Many Masters”, “Only love is real” by Dr. Brian Weiss amongst others.

When it comes to fiction, good old satirical classic “Animal Farm”, Management classic “Who moved my cheese” and childrens’ book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” are her forever favorites!

She is also a fan of short stories, microtales and poetries. Her favorites here are “The chicken soup for…” collections and short stories by Sudha Murthy (You have to read the Old Man and His God, Wise & Otherwise: it opens your mind to be grateful and live a little more wisely!!)

Some of the budding authors whose work she adores are “Durjoy Dutta”, “Tushar Raheja”, “Sneha Acharekar” and “Vibhuti Bhandarkar”. These authors have taught me the art of keeping a reader engrossed while reading and also write “keeping a lot of real emotions” alive in every story.

No matter what you write, poems or novels, it is important to set the connection between the author and the reader from line one to line Zero!

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