Shahista Khanam Kittur – Winner (Theme Erotica)

Shahista Khanam Kittur hailing from the city of Hubli, often referred to as chota Mumbai in Karnataka. She is a writing enthusiast and therefore
a budding writer. She believes that Dreams And Passion are two different faces of the same coin. So a
balance of the two is a must to grow and succeed. Her writing is her passion and her profession her dream.
She is currently pursuing medical (MBBS). She has been a part of a number of anthologies as a co-author. And the compiler of the anthology ‘The Mesmerized Soul’.

My journey as a writer:

I have been writing since 2017.
I never thought I’d be a writer someday. But it definitely feels good to write down when nothing seems right. Writing has helped me to look beyond just the sight. It has helped me express better through my words. It has helped me realize how few things look completely different but mean alot more. Writing has helped me find my new self.

My favorite author(s) and book(s)?

Hardy boys and Nancy drew

Why should we read you?

Read me because I write what I feel. I write down in simple terms. Sometimes it’s relatable to many. Sometimes I speak out bold on topics that new writers usually hesitate to. I just want people to know they aren’t alone and they can withstand whatever they are facing. It will be difficult but it will be over soon. And that they can learn from everything that happens in life.

My favorite genre to read / write:

Not specific. But I do write a lot of love, heartbreak, erotica and motivation.

What should we expect from you as a writer in the near future?

I’ll try my best to put forth decent yet attractive writings. And with guidance I might be able to fulfill your expectancy whatsoever it might be.

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