To The Ones With A Vulnerably Strong Heart

I have immense respect for people who manage to stay real & vulnerable in a completely selfish & cruel world. It takes courage to have a giving heart in an unkind world. It takes courage to open your heart again to something that once completely crushed it. It takes courage to be gentle & soft with yourself & everyone else, even when you have all the reasons not to. It takes courage to let your guard down & let someone into your life & heart again, & to once again plummet madly into love even after several bad experiences. It takes courage to want someone by your side when you’re breaking, yet somehow picking yourself up everytime. It takes courage to deal with another person’s half heartedness when you’ve given not only your heart, but your entire self to them wholeheartedly. It takes courage to save yourself, when all you want in the world is the hope that someone else will. It takes courage to be the one of those people who don’t give up easily. So, don’t stop hoping, don’t stop trusting, don’t stop feeling and don’t stop believing despite breaking down so many times. It takes courage to be the person who feels so intensely, to allow yourself to feel that way & to have the capability to share your heart with the world. It takes courage to be a fighter, regardless of what you’re fighting for. Some people are fighting to be a better person, some are fighting to heal themselves, some are fighting to find a purpose in life, some are fighting to make a relationship work, some are fighting to make ends meet & some are fighting to simply wake up everyday & continue living life the way it is. I have immense respect for these strong hearted people. I am one of these people. We deserve more credit & appreciation for all that we go through, & we definitely deserve more love in return. I know the kind of courage it takes to keep going when everything seems like a dead end. That’s why I will never apologize for this heart that breaks so easily yet loves so strongly.

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