Days of Love

“Loving me isn’t easy at all. How do you do it anyway?”, your moist eyes glare at me through the low quality camera on our laptops.

“Our relationship reminds me of the 7 days of the week. Each one comes with its own highs and lows, but teaches me something significant every day.

Like Mondays, our love feels heavy like a rock that weighs us down so much that it’s a struggle to even wake up to get through the day. It teaches me to work the hardest through all our tribulations, & how that hard work always pays off for joy throughout the rest of the week.

Like Tuesdays, our love feels bittersweet like a splash of rain on an already cold day. It’s tough to get through, but it teaches me how even after a cloudy day, the sun will always rise again for us.

Like Wednesdays, our love feels like the cold yet comforting mountains, that give me chills, yet shower me with a happy snowfall. It teaches me that what feels painful at first, carries a special goodness with it, which I’ll realise in time.

Like Thursdays, our love feels hopeful like the first spread of flowers that bloom after Autumn. It teaches me to keep going, because despite the hardships now, a plethora of beauty awaits us ahead.

Like Fridays, our love feels as exhilarating as the moment right before you open a birthday gift. It teaches me gratitude for all that we successfully went through, to finally find the joy we have today.

Like Saturdays, our love feels as euphoric as the joy I get on sitting under the star-lit sky. It teaches me how even though you’re far away from me, the light of your love shines brighter than the darkness in our lives.

Like Sundays, our love feels as blissful as the tune of a love song, while we listen to it together when you’re finally in my arms. It teaches me that the end of tough days is rewarding enough to endure it all, & that choosing to love you is the easiest thing I do every day.

So these days of the week, some that are tough & some that are easy, I choose to live through them all with you, because I’ll always anticipate how the next one unfolds. And that’s why despite how tough our journey is, I’ll happily go through it all, because you make it so easy.”

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