Every teller’s untold story

What would happen if a teller machine could speak? Have you ever wondered how much your words can hurt or comfort someone/something? Here is a speech by Mr. Rndaata Rao.

“I’m a bank staff who joined his job a couple of months ago. Just within a few days of my service I realized that working as a bank employee is quite difficult. This job is actually considered the safest in our society but the fact is, it is one of the daring jobs. I have seen my colleagues going through adversities but luckily have faced none.
A banker helps you through every step you take in life, from birth to death. These steps could begin with first opening of an account as a child to helping you close an account when one dies as well as everything in between; assisting you get various types of loans, and working out any financial issue that may arise. This is the positive side of a banker but do you know what is more horrific? The most dreaded side of banking is when at times, part of a banker’s job may be letting the customer know that their loan or credit card payment is past due or that their checking account is overdrawn may lead to receive curses and jeers. Other issues that arise can be from something as simple as helping a customer balance their checkbook, to something as devastating as someone committing fraud. Fraud is a big concern to bankers, this can happen easily when someone steals ones debit or credit cards or their checks. Most of the time the customer doesn’t realize that they are gone until a brief time later. And the first and foremost finger is pointed towards a banker for the fraud.
Let’s consider the pandemic situation. The banking staff also risked their lives to provide financial safety to public. Imagine if bankers were allowed to rest at home to avoid Covid-19 attack, how would the common public receive the funds the government released for public use? How would people affected with Covid-19 get financial support for treatment? Without the most important factor for living these days, money in hand, how would you buy the basic needs for your family? Keeping their personal life in risk every banker gave priority to his professional life and helped the economy of the country from totally collapsing.
Balancing both professional and personal lives together is not very easy, yet every worker tries to manage and does a banker too. It requires understanding and patience from both the sides for a business to run. Until and unless a customer understands the banker and the banker listen to the customer with patience it is difficult to organize and regulate the banking system.
I didn’t actually tell you about myself na? I’m an Automatic Teller Machine, Mr. Rndaata Rao and have observed all these happening with my colleagues at our workplace. I hope after knowing about a banker’s life you will appriciate their work and not condemn it. Thank You.”

Banking is a very powerful instrument of social change. Banks are playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. In fact banking is the backbone of modern economy.
Being a professional banker is challenging and rewarding. One of the most important supporters of our lives is the banking staff and it’s our duty to respect them and their profession rather than criticizing.
Let’s understand them and make them feel loved too. 

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