Three is company!

Here are the top 3 poems on this prompt!


Three words it took for them to hunt me away,
“I have schizophrenia” I said, and they left me astray.
What’s real and what’s fake I couldn’t say,
My delusions and hallucinations made it hard for me to figure out a way.
Three words that I said, made them say it’s a curse,
ill-treating me then on, made me feel that my next moment is going to be in a hearse.
Three words, Two worlds and one mental Illness is all it took.


Life has been in 3’s
Right from the start as a little girl
Play, blame, cry
Even over the insignificant things
Continued to grow up along with me
As I grew into my teens,
Love, Hate, Jealousy
Common to every girl around the corner,
Living had to be juggled,
Work, Home and Passion
Often left with serving one of them more,
Still continues to be the same,
Friends, Duty, Interests,
As Three is company,
Doing my best to balance the three!


Two is clichéd, two is boring,
Two is a limited dimension,
Three is the angle that adds perspective,
Which gives shape and motion.
Three is the company that one needs,
A hand to hold on either side,
Friends are what good Karma breeds,
A triad is not what you can divide!
Three is a merry bunch, I say!
Like the three arms of the clock telling time,
Pulling each other up everyday,
We tick together a lot and chime,
Three is company not a crowd,
And friendship is more than just a rhyme!

And we could not resist to have these mention-worthy poems on this page as well:


There were moments
When life threw curveballs
Challenged in all directions
I simply watched things snowball
My Three Musketeers then came to my rescue
Thwarted the intent of those conniving demons
Saved me from those dreaded blues
They were truly
A trio of hope
A trio of gaiety
A trio that brought sunshine
Taught me to appreciate good times
Who says two’s company
Threes crowd?
Faith, Love and Hope
My trio of positivity
Made me reinforce the belief
That indeed
Three is company
Jocund in it’s own congeniality


A balance created to equalize the world; rather a notion given at a debate
‘Three is company ‘ or is it just a exaggerated way of distributing guilt
Have you ever wondered how everything comes in a combo of three; mentally setting us up to be happy
Rather un-noticing that even omens come in three’s.
A twisted turn at facts leads you to doubtful conclusions
Even birds perched on the verandah on gloomy afternoons reflect a beauty of nature draped in a frightening outcome
So the question comes down to this doesn’t it?
Is the company a hope or a myth?


When I need
To be alone
In my quiet space
Three is company
When my silence
Is construed
As rapt attention
To all conversation
I am freed.


Two is company
Three is crowd,
But Akash, sid and sameer
took it all around,
Three is company
Hell they made it right to sound,
With Tina ,Anjali and Rahul
Friendship with love was sweet and bitter,
While teasing each other calling cheater,
It started off with Amar,Akbar, Anthony,
These souls of the old school,
Made it look damn cool,
Live life as it comes,
Was Imraan, Arjun and Kabir
Rekindling their friendship
As we live only once.


In our marriage I discovered to my dismay, we were never ‘us two’,
From day one, I knew there was something askew.
Late nights at office and incessant texting were my first clues,
But I knew I had to tread softly or she would blow her fuse.
Arranged marriages have this one big flaw,
It lacks ‘marrying for love’ chutzpah.
“Three’s a company” the wise have so rightly said,
That she was coerced into marrying me mortified me no end.
The invisible third did our union an irreparable harm,
The ‘looked -forward-to marital -bond ‘lost all its charm.
Though on her mobile he flashed under ‘unknown’ caller id,
In everything we did it was never two but sadly three.
With a third marching hand in hand in our marriage,
His unseen presence rocked the bedrock of our carriage.
The dream to spend my life with a soul mate,
Remained just that and unfortunately never culminated.


Always, Forever!
My two besties, And I ,
My other two parts!
My soul sisters!
We paint the town in colourful hues!


Three is company
It’s always been,
My brother, me,
Our pet dog, three…
Lazy afternoons playing Scrabble and Ludo,
Then playing fetch
with our old friend Bozo…
Sharing food and stories galore,
Oh what a team!
Life’s finest score…
Take me back to those carefree days,
Lull me into bliss
Life’s wonderful ways…


Three is unlucky
Isn’t it funny?
Life has always started from three
From family to friends whatever it be!
A group of three is always the best
When asked why three is best from the rest
’Quality not quantity’ I replied,
They stay with me side by side.
For you three is company
For me three has become a family!


Three of us, Yes three of us,
Three is company,
We together bring harmony,
She as a mom is totally filled with selflessness,
He as a dad is as busy as a packed bus,
“Oh my god” I missed the alarm the child runs here and there fussy and messy,
Three of us, Yes three of us,
Three is company together we bring harmony,
Busy in our lives, meeting each other again for the dinner at night,
Dinner starts with “have you completed your homework” and ends with mom’s special left and right,
Three of us, Yes three of us,
Three is company together we bring harmony,
No matter how much we fight,
We three together are a family,
We together are so lovely filled with insanity


Three Crazies on one desk
Chooses gossips over boring classes
Three pony tails ditched oily hairs
Bangs and trendy styles were in air
They say two can be BFFs
But we say three is a company
Gossips filled with masala and lunches gets finishes in one snap
Road trips and late night dates were there vacation plans
Three birdies grew up on one branch
Separated when they chose different trees
Loads of memories craved on old wood
Last good byes were said with teary eyes
But promised to stay in each others heart
They say two can be BFFs
But they proved them wrong
Yay!!! Three is a company who stayed long!!!


Bread, butter and tea
Bikes, music and road trips
Movies, popcorn and recliners
Three is always a better combo, the Love just multiplies
A trio never fails to amaze
But why do we find solace in lesser stuff??
The fallout is catastrophic.
Two is company, three is crowd and that’s all we are left with.


Three is a company
Me, my pen and my copy
First comes my pen which has become for me a necessity.
Which Brings me out clumsily
Drive me to write trumpery
Makes me familiar with Tuscany
Then comes my copy
Who is for me well exceptionally
Who holds my expressions confidentially
Helps me enhance my vocabulary
From scary to tale fairy
Takes me to world imaginary
Afore bown my head gratefully
Provided me so much that cannot be returned undoubtedly.

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