“Hey Shivani, listen to me”, interrupted Kavya while Shivani was day dreaming in the boring Math lecture.
The sudden talk of Kavya disturbed the dream of Shivani and in an ignorant way she replied, “What Kav? You spoiled my lovely dream you know”
“Stop day dreaming, do you know what was Shreyas talking about you and Rohan?”
Abh kya kar diya ham dono ne?
“ Why are you guys so close? Tumhe pata bhi hai tumhare baaremain kya baatein hoti hai?
Kya? What did he speak about me and Rohan?”
“C2C boys think that you both are in a relationship”
“What nonsense! We both are just best friends”
“I know that, but who is going to tell this to others? Some times even teachers doubt you both.”
Arey yaar, how can someone think like that? We don’t have such feelings for each other”
Noticing the soundless conversation between Shivani and Kavya, the Math lecturer threw a chalk piece on them signaling them to concentrate on the chapter. And both of them stopped their conversation in between.
After the completion of college hours when everyone was leaving for home, C2C boys started teasing Shivani with Rohan’s name and frustrated Shivani shouted a loud,” We are just best friends.”
Later on when Rohan and Shivani were having a talk, she told him about what happened with her and what were the boys thinking about them. Listening to it Rohan spoke out foolishly, “Then let’s stop talking to each other and take a break”. After listening to Rohan’s foolish statement Shivani replied,” Why? What mistake have we done? And kya break, we aren’t in a relationship it’s our friendship of more than 5 years”.
Toh kya? How is everyone thinking about us?
“For others should we break ourselves? What is our fault?”
“Then, why should we suffer?”
“Okay, then what should we do when they think about us in a wrong way?”
“Let’s answer them”
“To how many people will we keep answering?”
“To whoever asks”
Abh bas naa rey, I can’t take it, let’s not talk to each other for some time.”
“ So, even in your view a male and a female can’t be best friends?”
“For me they can but not for the society. Please let’s not argue”
“Fine okay. Bye!”.
Angry by the way Rohan spoke; Shivani ended their argument and left for home. For a few hours she waited if there would be any message from Rohan and kept starring at her mobile, but there was none.
Shivani after every long time opened her diary. She used it to describe her feelings when she had no one to share with. And stopped using it when she shared close friendship with Rohan, but now when it was about to break she again did decide to trust her diary and not anyone else. She shared her feelings with her diary in deep agony and slept crying.
“Dear Chintu,
After a very long time I have come here to share my feelings with you. I told you in the previous note why won’t be I using you. But you know today I have no one to share what I feel with except you.
Can you just believe a male and a female can’t be friends for this society? Everyone thinks I and Rohan are in a love relationship but none of us have those feelings for each other. Even Rohan today decided to break our five years plus friendship. He says, “let’s take a break.”
We have shared so much with each other. We were so happy in our regular lives but the society’s thinking spoiled everything. Is it necessary to fall in love when you are in close friendship? No na, then why do everyone think like that? Sometimes even my parents don’t trust me you know. My sister keeps on spying me whenever I’m with a boy. And I can’t even argue with anyone.
I feel so much adverse when people think like that. I have to pretend of being okay even though I’m not, but when I’m with Rohan without I speaking in lines he understands me. We shared so many good memories together and this one became the most hurtful one and replaced every sweet memory of ours. I feel left out now. I haven’t received any text from Rohan yet and the time is 10pm. He was also forced to take the decision of breaking our friendship because of this miserable thinking.
Ghinn aati hai aise soch rakhne wale logon ke beech rehne main. Pata nahi iss samaaj ke liye ek ladka aur ladki kyu dosth nhi ban sakte?
I miss Rohan. Every girl needs a male best friend, but this society will never understand it.
I will have to sleep now, I will try sleeping. You take rest and ha never doubt a friendship of a male and female. That is a very close and pure bond between them. Let’s hope the society will change its mindset someday.

A male and a female can be the way they desire. Everyone has the whole right to talk, walk and be the way they wish (without disturbing others’ liberty) with anyone they want to. We as others have no right to interrupt in between their bond. No person has the authority to judge a relation between two people. When the society has grown so much in means of technology and thought process, why does this thinking still exist that a male and female cannot be best friends? Why?

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