On a journey of life with Nivedita Karmaran and Kajal Rai

On a journey of Life is a month old today. On the morning of the book’s first anniversary, WriteFluence spoke to the authors to get to know more about them and their book!


Tell us more about how and when did you decide to collaborate on this project.

Back in 2020, in a contest organised by a publisher, we had been clubbed as co-authors. We were curious about one another in that introductory email and decided to reach out. Soon, we were exchanging mails and over our first phone call we were telling stories as long lost friends. Unfortunately, our collaboration with that publisher did not work out. Since the stories in this book are our very first and we feel very passionate towards them, we decided to collaborate and publish it ourselves.
We are very happy with the way our first collaboration worked out, and so grateful that we became a friendly duo along the way.

How long did it take for you to create this book?

We had submitted our stories to a publisher individually, and were paired up later by them. However, when our alliance with them did not work out, we looked into Kindle publishing options and made up our mind to self-publish it. We spent the next month planning and executing, and finally published our book on 2nd February, 2021.


Would you like to say more about what’s common between both the stories?

Both the short stories are different in their own way, narration, style, main plot etc. But what makes it similar in theme is how in both of the stories, the female protagonists learn to stand up for themselves and face the troubles head-on. Emotional journey and character transformation is common in both of our stories.

How does collaboration work with reference to royalties and reviews?
How do you keep rivalry aside?

Both of us were very clear about where we wanted to take our book, and how to get there. The royalties and investment in the marketing of the book is divided equally amongst us and we keep each other updated. We divided the tasks and made to-dos. We improvise our plan as we go. That works very well for us. We think transparency is the key to keep monetary business out of our friendship.


What’s the advise you have for aspiring writers?

Our major advice is Plan-Write-Edit-Repeat. So don’t be afraid to have as many drafts and feedback from fellow trusted writers or readers as possible before it is published in your name. At the end, rise above the nagging negative voice in your head, and publish!

Nivedita Karmaran & Kajal Rai, authors of On a journey of Life

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