Dear Krish & Ananya

Dear Krish & Ananya,

You’re dubbed the quintessential bollywood masala couple, but most people fail to see how you’re so much more than that. You’re a testament of love, struggle, sacrifice & diligence that every young Indian couple can resonate with. You paint a very real picture of what marriage in today’s Indian society looks like.

Your story shows us how difficult it is to balance studies, jobs, parental pressure & relationships, but somehow a love that’s as strong & supportive as yours helps you get through anything that life throws at you. It’s tough to sustain a relationship when your parents refuse to let you marry someone of your own choice, but you two got through it all, never letting your love for each other budge even a little bit.

Your first meeting during the Rasgulla fight in the mess, first conversation about your families & lives, first kiss after a beautiful confession, first dance to Offo, first fight after a tough day, first I love you after an intimate walk, & first proposal in the middle of a job placement were all too precious to forget.

You were a power couple; both ambitious, intelligent, headstrong & hardworking enough to achieve anything you put your mind to. The way you supported each others’ dreams, moved to each others’ cities & wooed each others’ families just proved how you were willing to fight the world for each other.

Your temporary breakup pierced my heart, but it also taught me that true love never comes easy. It can be crushingly painful sometimes, but quitting should never be an option. The tears in your eyes as you tried to move on just showed me how much you needed to simply get back together again, & when you did, it felt ecstatic.

Your wedding scene is my favourite, because when an overwhelmed Krish fails to take his eyes off a blushing Ananya while she walks in a heavenly red saree, it takes him back to the moment she walked into his life, & how his dream of a life with her finally came true. Your story gives me joy, tears & hope – that no matter what the world says, in the end love always wins.

With love,
A girl in hope of a story like yours.

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