That Corner of my House

That corner of my house
holds my despondency in abundance,
I vocalize about things,
which I often refuse to share in reluctance.

This lil corner is actually
as precious as a gem,
for I have treasured my memories here,
not one, not two, but dozens of them.
This place is nothing less
than a zen zone for me,
It brings tranquility to my soul,
just like the aroma of coffee.

Here I deliberately try to
invoke my whimsical side,
And talk about all the things,
that I am scared to confide.

The warmth that this place provides,
is undoubtedly incomparable,
And the comfort experienced,
is indeed irreplaceable.

Well, I like to sit here with a book,
or sometimes even with a pen,
to inscribe and scribble my thoughts,
in my very own intimate den.

In a heinous world like this,
peace is elusive and rare,
But in a place like mine,
peace does bloom and flare.

So here I am, grateful for
the warmth that this place persists,
and for the fact that in this techsavvy world,
A place like this exists.

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