The winning micro tales on this prompt (top 3 highlighted):


The paradox engulfed her head. Her body floated in the space where there was no gravity to adhere her to a surface. The darkness of the space was too pure that she couldn’t see a thing in space. The reality suddenly hit her and her eyes widened when each of the eye muscle peered over the white ball. The darkness was undisturbed which means…the thought terrified her.
“where the hell is sun and other stars” she ventured.
she heard nothing in return.
The infinite boundary less space got her hysterical. The mysterious silence gave birth to chaos in her mind. Her uncertain thoughts wandered all over her brain. With each passing moment she became more terror stricken and her eyes gathered a tear. The droplet was about to roll down her cheeks but the anti-gravity interrupted its way. The little human being whimpered in the timeless space without the warmth of gravity with a hope of returning home.


In a world where masks had become mandatory, she preferred boxes. Her face spoke. In fact, she believed that it articulated better than her words. It blatantly revealed when she was seething with anger or when she was delirious with joy. She remembered that day, long before the pandemic hit, as if it were just yesterday. Her best friend’s fiancé had complimented her smile. She was so pleased that her face blushed a deep red. It gave away in that very instant her most private secret. She was left tending to the wounds of a broken friendship. One that she had treasured deeply. She can’t bear such a loss ever again. So, she prefers a box. After all, it’s her only armour against her traitor face.


Every evening, Debbie still plays with that carton. “10, 9, 8, 7…..1… ready or not, here I come”! she squeals with joy. Uncovering her face, she runs around their verdant green backyard looking for her only son Dylan.
“Okay… Dylan, come out I say, Mamma’s getting anxious now” bellowed Debbie.
Alas! Dylan is to be found nowhere. Debbie frantically continues to search for him.
Dejected and depressed she rushes inside, to look for Dylan. On certain days, her emotional hurricane would be so severe, that she’d be oblivious to the surrounding and continue to weep incessantly.
Her unbearable screaming sobs were interrupted only when she needed to draw breath.
After a few hours, wiping her tears she’d start to laugh hysterically.
Today being Dylan’s 1st death anniversary  she was spared from her weekly dose of electroconvulsive therapy for her Major Depressive Disorder, since past one year.


They say face is the index of mind but what if the same face is horrific enough for people to despise someone.

I am Nina. Yes, I have the perfect figure but are you wondering why I try to hide my face ?

Sadly, I am a victim of acid attack. I used to once have a beautiful face envied by all. I was harassed by a stalker for quite a few days. And one day when I threatened to file a complaint against him, he decided to act in the most ghastly way. The very next day he nonchalantly threw a bottle of acid on my face. The pain was indescribable. The whole world shattered before my eyes. My face was unapologetically mutilated. Now the scars have become an inseparable part of my life. However I wish to tell you all that I am a fighter and prepared to face the world. I am like a Phoenix and shall arise from the dust.


He watched with bated breath as the sun faded in the cloudy western skies over the mighty bridge on the Hooghly.
She pushed away a few strands of her hair as she watched the sunset on the horizons of the smog filled skies over BKC in the next 30 minutes.
He looked at his phone and smiled at the message: Day 13 over!
She almost dropped the phone in a hurry to check the message: Tomorrow this time we will be watching the moon rise together. Under the same skies!

The waters of the river reflected the pink on her face and he smiled to his thoughts taking him to her again.
The orange skyline on her side got shrouded with cushions of clouds that paced up her heartbeat at the thought of being in his arms!
She walked in her mind through a carton of imaginary gifts he was soon coming back with, back to her; for her!


In the box
It was a legend in the area that a spirit of a woman with her face covered come and take away young kids playing  alone in the park. People always avoided sending their kids on their own and always accompanied them. Whenever people talked in hushed whispered about her, she had a deep urge to tell them that she doesn’t come to harm their children. She wanted to play with as she missed her own. She used to hide the scars by covering her face with a box so that her kids don’t see her in pain and get scared with her wounds. One day her body gave in to the violence of her husband but her soul could not rest in peace.


My thoughts confound me!
Leave me claustrophobic in my breathing . I yearn to break free from the turbulence and turmoil. Riya longed to get out of her tumultuous thoughts. The confusion and turmoil kept her entwined tightly in their vicious grasp. Until she met Saahil. He was truly her saviour in disguise. Who took her to a beautiful, calmer , peaceful shore. Laden with love and Positivity!


She tried buring her pain under the little box of fame that she had achieved lately. Little did she knew that she was playing with fire and a little dash of water wasn’t enough to put it off. The fame just acted like a mask she weared everywhere to hide her empty vessel. The vessel that quenched other’s thrist now remains abandoned. Even the ones who could have refilled it choosed to replace it with a new one. All she does is keeps her heart in cage so that it never gets infected again.


Her antique wooden table occupied by pen knives had written letters to various mailboxes around her fictional world of fairies and witches;Refreshing the pandora box of her mind But yet the crooked drawers cast an evil spell ; caging those letters from seeing the morning sun ; waiting forever for their godmother and pumpkin carriage.


“O, God, please get me out of this trap. I can’t see or move.”
I stumbled upon stones and roadblocks. I injured myself often as I was in total dark.
The more I could smell the fragrances brought to me by the cool breeze, the more restless I became.
For years, I waited for some miraculous help. Alas! None came to my rescue.
And, then one day, when the water level crossed the danger level I recognised it was only my mindset blocking me.
Without wasting time I unboxed myself. As I inhaled the fresh air and mystic fragrances I felt liberated.


I saw her that day, not far from our tent. She was so sophisticated, unique, with skin white as snow, in a beautiful fluttering dress, handsome as a goddess, inspiring as a muse. She was adorned with pretty, elegant hands and beautiful, long fingers as if she were playing the piano. Even though I wouldn’t say I liked the piano, I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. Her walk was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. She looked like she was hovering, like some angel. And the green grass around her blended beautifully with her earth-colored dress. 
She was more like a creature from another planet. This impression was mainly fueled by the fact that I couldn’t see her face. She was so close to me, but her face was wholly blurred. And God is the witness that I longed so hard to find out the color of her lips…


The sounds of words you spoke crawled from your mouth and stitched together as they climbed to my head. Your words engulfed my thoughts and my very being. I lost my head to your words, from the times they were sweet to the time they oozed with bitterness, until they were nothing but hate. Hate births hate, and hate became all I see in that box you put me in. It filtered everything and colored it yellow. Now, my eyes are hate, my lips are hate… I have become hate and I hate it.


Don’t let them see,
What will they say,
How will you explain,
That the scars on your face,
Are from the mistakes of yesterday,
When they told you to listen,
You pushed them out the way,
Now you have no way to explain


You wanted me to stay hidden,
everything I aspired to do was forbidden.
You kept me away from the world
and treated me so cold.
And people couldn’t find out your reality
but nobody even ever asked me for a clarity.
So I stood there like a living cadaver,
not knowing what to do
because you were in control.
I had no vision of my actions,
so how would I even give a reaction.
Because you kept me in a box,
hidden from the world.


”Did you have your breakfast?” – “Yech Mamma!”, a conversation heard inside the room.
After the mother came out, ”Is your daughter a priceless diamond that you always cover her up in a box?”, the maid asked.
”No, She is a flower bloomed with Autism and I know the world”, She replied.


She is a slut who hides away her sins, she is a bad luck with thousand eyes staring with blinks, She is a whore who is attracting guys with her short dress, She is a nightmare to all those who touched her and abused the press… but no one actually asked what she was doing? Well… just having fun at the park with a box marked with thousand judgmental remarks!

Congratulations to all the winners; thank you to all the participants – It was indeed fun reading the different perspectives!

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