Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed…
It’s the same azaan from the same mosque that marks the beginning of my morning.
The same Ganesh visarjan every year that makes me weep while the crowd dances that last evening.

Nothing has changed. . .
I still cry the same tears for a past unforgotten.
I still laugh with the same people who were always there.
But a fear of losing all of this tumbles down a shiver down the back now.

I’ve lost in the past and I continue to lose what my heart always languishes for…

There you walk into my life and before I know it, you’ve walked out too..

Leaving nothing but memories for me to play with..

Nothing has changed
I was lonely when you weren’t here.. I would continue to be lonely without you now…
It’s just the phase of happiness in the period between this that becomes a difficult habit to change…

Nothing has changed.
I was never meant to be loved by you and you shall never even let me live with the love of having the knowledge of your presence ..
I wish I could change the way I loved you.
I wish you had met me before my heart was stabbed.
I wish I were able to love you the way you loved me.
I wish I had the power to unmaim your heart.
I wish.. I could not only wish..

But nothing has changed!

I was always helpless and shall always be..

And shall miss all the love that you ever brought to me!

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