A 2016 vacation to the land of the rising sun made me fall head over heels for the beauty that is Tokyo City. Apart from currently being the most populated and the largest metropolitan in the world, Tokyo as a city stands for courage, vigor and progress. The city that even a world war couldn’t manage to destroy, is resplendent with beauty in every form.

Any average day for me in this fast-paced city beheld some astonishing sights. I’ve spotted children as young as eight years old independently waiting for their trains at perfectly furnished train stations to get in time to school for their 7:57am classes. This remarkable punctuality of the city appalled me, and so did the super efficient train system. Watching the appointed officials actually pushing crowds of people into the train (yes, that’s an actual job in Japan) made me smile as I reminisced the crowds of my Mumbai locals back home.

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Stepping out at any time during the day had me admire how every street was bustling with thousands of people, yet there was no chaos whatsoever. I’ve seen men, women and children always dressed in their very best attire, with perfect hair and makeup, and a style so good it could put red carpets to shame. I could see most people cruising through the city that takes pride in its safety, on their beautifully decorated bicycles, right from the wee hours of the morning during the splendid sunrise, to gliding past the plenty of neon-signs post midnight.

Tokyo occurred to me as a land with the most courteous and welcoming people. While Japanese remains their first language, and very few people understand English, it doesn’t deter them from flashing jolly smiles at you all the time.

The splendor of Tokyo’s beauty lies in it’s two greatest attractions – Mount Fuji & Cherry Blossom trees. The sight of the snow capped mountain feels like paradise, and gardens filled with blossom trees feel like little droplets of heaven. The famous Japanese hot springs are a sight to behold as one shower in them makes all your stress melt away. The beauty of Japanese culture also lies in it’s magnificent temples, especially the Asakusa Sensoji, which is a revered place of worship by tourists and locals alike. Tokyo is also home to the best-quality and most affordable shopping, as well as the world’s best Sushi.

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Tokyo may not be the most popular tourist spot out there, but I, for one, can say that it’s one of the most incredible cities in the world. The city that’s strong enough to rebuild itself after attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis so many times, the one with the kindest people and the one which makes discipline seem like the best virtue, is where I’ve left a piece of my heart, forever.

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