When a girl gets married her world revolves around just priorities,
In her each mistake she’s reminded of her maturity.
Her opinions and thoughts are not considered as prime,
Because she is treated as an option every time.
She never ever forgets her responsibilities, as it is always on her mind,
Without any complain, she goes behind to what is assigned,
Still her dreams and happiness remain confined.
Can she have a peace of mind?
Why she is always treated as inferior?
When she could be just superior who knows to fight as a warrior.
Why this society still considers as her option?
Where her thoughts and feelings still create disruptions.
Now what she should choose is very clear,
Still next day with a kind heart she appears.
Leaving her pain and ego behind, she steps forward,
Still in numerous ways she’s tortured.
When this society will treat her the way she deserves?
She’s still waiting for all the concerns.
This society needs a change of mind,
Where it should leave behind the old thoughts which are quarantined,
So that the people can show some mankind,
To the one who views are always declined,
And respect her in all kind.
Because she will never leave her priorities be it as a wife, mother or a human being,
In return can we just give her a good well-being,
So that her life could find a meaning..!!

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