Your fingers graze mine,
As you look into my eyes, our hands entwined,
Your “I love you” soothes my ears,
But despite all these sincere tries,
I’m unable to mask the tears,
That keep flowing from my eyes.

“I made an 11:11 wish”, you say,
“Wished that I wouldn’t make you cry.”
“Your stupid 11:11 wishes never work”, I sigh at your insanity,
Desperately attempting to wipe away,
The pain of our devastating reality.

You don’t want to leave, you say
But duty is knocking at your door.
A moment of feigned acceptance later,
My eyes can no longer battle my fears,
You want to stay, I know,
But the time has come, & you have to go.

“Why does our time together tick away so fast?”, I ask.
“Why do all good things come to an end?”
One glance at your face & I know,
All this time that you pretended to be fine,
Your eyes held more tears, than I did in mine.


I grab your hand tighter, caressing your face
That unwaveringly smiles & cries, only for me.
I rest my head on your chest & feel the loving heart,
That beats so loud, only for me.
In silence, with no words at all,
We weep endlessly at the onset, Of this exhausting indefinite distance,
That we can’t get rid of just yet.

Fourteen days simply fly by,
As I wave you that final goodbye.
Wiping the teardrop on my cheek,
To myself I mumble hopelessly,
“Please just let him stay.”
It’s 11:11 now, but you’re gone anyway. 
For you I tried this stupid 11:11 wish too,
And it didn’t work, just like I told you.

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