Entering 18 !!

18 is a usual number but when it is expressed in terms of age, it’s not that an easy thing. Why? Because now you are legally  an ‘adult’. A night before your 18th birthday, you are still a teen and suddenly in the next morning, you wake up as an adult? So sudden, isn’t it? But is it really so sudden?

Turning 18 is more of a psychological evolution rather than narrowing it to physical and mental evolution. 18 comes with plethora of emotions — freedom of taking own decisions, norms to behave in a matured way, right to vote, right to drive but with that being the sole one responsible for your actions. Your mind steps out of the comfort zone, now focusing towards future. Till the last night, it was just the present that you wanted to enjoy but now you have a future awaiting for a concrete plan.


We can say that the journey up to 18 is like a trip from crawling to taking a big leap. By the time we turn 18, most of us have completed their schooling. Going to college seems so liberating and fun especially after being tired of following school’s code of conduct. But what seems fun becomes more of  mess and chaos as we step in the college life. In school, everything worked as per a timetable which surly seemed restrictive but kept us quite organized. There were teachers who would make us complete our work at any cost even if it requires a stick to beat us. But in college, no one really cares what we do, and why should they, as we are “adults” who know what should be done. This liberal, easy-peasy attitude takes us nowhere but only confusions and chaos. It’s then that we realise we are a more ‘mess’ as an adult than we were as infants.

All these that I wrote is not intended to scare my teen friends who gonna turn 18 or just turned 18, but to make them aware that entering 18 is not a milestone to celebrate but instead a first step towards who we want to be. 18 is like a riding a car on highway for the first, it sounds thrilling as we can speed and go smooth but it’s later that we understand that here, we need to be more responsible there than we are on city roads.

Concluding this, I would say that entering 18 is about beginning from the beginning, forgetting what you did in the past years but reminding oneself again and again that whatever we would do now will matter lifelong.


I am nervous, I’m excited

I am relaxed, I am keen;

I got some really big task to do,

You know, I just turned 18 !!

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