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She hides her pain really well,
When her happiness turns to sadness you can never tell.
She has seen worse days,
Her life changed her mind in a state of haze.
She lost all her hope,
Her extreme emotions she couldn’t cope,
She was left alone all by herself,
No one knows her than my own self,
She suffered in silence,
There was no one for her guidance,
She was blamed by all,
She blamed herself for her fall.
She was dead inside,
She felt alone to have no one by her side.
She has spent miserable days,
Till today she seeks a perfect place.
Every good thing in her was forgotten,
Even she forgot them,
She started to hate herself,
In her melancholy, she was engulfed.
Her smile is lost,
Her heart is still covered in frost, Her life is messed and shabby,
She just wants to be happy.
She still hopes for the better days,
She hopes she will fit in a perfect place.
She smiles even when her heart is in scars,
Each day she rises up in hope;
For her name means morning star.


Memories had built me
But after they ruined me.
Nurturing the young naïve unborn
I kissed the soft diamond lips.
Holding onto the newly brimmed glass of reality
I mixed it up with a pinch of dream.
My dream had the glow of a sun
Brightening every dark corners in my mind
Dressed in my favorite red
It boldly held the hands of ‘him’.
My dream was like a sparrow
Small, mundane and very common,
But to me it was the sheer force of life.
My reality was full of people
Dancing, playing, laughing.
With me or at me? Hard to answer now.
I believed my small dream
Can uphold its head high.
Mother always told me to think good
She never exposed the harsh reality to me.
I never had the taste of cruel burn
People so dearly love to give,
Never had I felt the slap of betrayal
Right at my sweet spot of belief.
I tried to embrace the present in a light hug
To let my future fill its small baby lungs
With oxygen of freedom.
But my past keeps on choking me
With its toxic insecure rope of memories.
Now I’m just walking on this long road
To an unknown destination
Where past has kept my future
A hostage of time unfathomable.
Processing the unbalanced equation of life
I am holding some scattered pieces
Of my barren soul,
Connecting the dots of absence everlasting.


Once upon a time
I was a baby
In my mother’s arms.
Once upon a time
I was a little girl
Apple of my father’s eyes.
Once upon a time
I was a moody teenager
Bane of my parent’s life.
Once upon a time
I was a young woman
Getting married with love in my heart.
Once upon a time
I was an amateur mother
Learning the ropes of the trade.
Now I am a matured homemaker
Living life happily ever after.


I entered this big wide universe as every little infant,
With my little world filled only with father, mother and happiness
It was a time when i remember being content,
Playing my way to become the little girl of our realm,
Little did i know that i am to confront with the surprises,
Entering the teens had been the aim of my existence,
Friendships, love, desire, passion was ruling the planets,
Confessions and revelations deciding the course of path,
The defining 20’s filled new hope,
Waiting for something exciting to happen every day,
Sparkling were those fertile and vibrant days.
Thinking about some decisions that could have been made different,
While feeling blissful for still having the time to make some right!
Stumbled upon another happy period of my life,
The fragrant memories of the nuptial ties,
Filled with the essence of the love and trust,
Reminiscing the lovely childhood of the precious offspring,
Watching him grow from ABC’s to Algebra,
The best feeling a mother could get,
Kept me yearning for the greater experiences that life has to yet to offer,
Learning from the rich happenings that it had already offered,
Still making the best of the carpe diem,
The missed moments of the 39 solid,
Flashing before my eyes all the time,
Life starts at 40 they say!


Mimosa pudica

Touch me not
Love me from a distance
Watch me bloom independently
If you happen to touch me
I shall close myself off
And I’m afraid I’m might sting your feeling
Sensitive yet resilient
I’m mimosa pudica!



It was circa 1992,
When I first felt a pinch or two.
Married to a quintessential Army man,
I had to surreptitiously firm up a career plan.
Looking only after the children had lost its sheen,
Mending his socks was no longer my scene.
Now the time had come to explore something new,
I wanted to bid the housewifely chores adieu.
 Picking up my degrees before they mildewed,
I set off on a job hunt without further ado.
No job is too big or small, I remembered my mother’s words, 
And started my career by teaching class three nerds.
Recollecting the days gone past,
As a young woman on the threshold of life, I could never be type cast.
Pushing the envelope was what I had been taught to do,
Redefining the boundaries was all that I knew.
Though had
studied to be a scribe,
Here I was, moulding young minds and educating the tribe.
As was my wont, I did justice to both,
Taught the children to fight their own battles and to injustice loath.
Life then threw me another curve ball,
Words bubbled out almost organically and had me in their thrall.
Yes, writing is my newly discovered passion,
And penning down thoughts gives me immense satisfaction.
I write in both verse and prose,
But oh! the thrill and exhilaration is the same whatever I compose.



From a cute lil infant
Wailing all the day,
To a curious toddler
Trotting all the way,
The journey of transformation
Had just begun.
From an inquisitive school goer
Reading books and paper,
To a vibrant teenager
Watching cricket like never.
The journey of transformation
Had just picked up pace.
From a confident college girl
Dreaming of conquering the world,
To an independent working woman
Stepping into the corporate world,
The journey of transformation
Had just become challenging.
From being single
And ready to mingle,
To tying a knot and
Keeping life up tight
The journey of transformation
Had just entered the next station.
From a proud mother of two
Beaming with joy at every second
To a proud mother of hundred and two
Teaching me to love every child
The journey of transformation
Had just turned to be my teacher.
From Frost I would borrow and say..
“And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”.
Till the journey of transformation
Pauses and begins to cease.


I ain’t no perfect
but riddled with flaws
a puzzle that seems easy
but also different at the same time
a canvas that lacks any color
but appears colorful to one’s eye
an enigma, you can say
but also an open book at the same time..


Life is what? An open book to read,
Sprouted from a seed,
Like the sibling it was breed,
Protected with  care and nurtured,
Like a big banyan tree,
Supporting brother like the hanging branches,
Fours a company they  cheered,
As nobody could meddle in between theirs,
For others had no chances. 
Is was beautiful no matter what,
Winter, summer, rain or drought,
Evil greed uprooted them
With axes struck at their den,
Nothing was left but little one,
Left burning in the hot scorching sun,
Wept it never once,
For sulking was not an option,
It had loneliness for adaption
For  it knew, it  had to grew tall and big
Till its roots dug deep,
As it had to protect for seedlings
Left behind like it.


MY LIFE IN A FRAME With the help of my parents, tackling thousands of problems I grew up,
Life was never good to me, and in every phase it taught me to stand up.
Being a shy girl from beginning, the hesitation never left my heart,
Till now it’s struggling to depart.
The confidence in me grew when I was in college, where I made new friends,
Being with them I geared up with all the trends.
My life took a drastic change when I got married,
A lot of dreams and a life yet to live was buried.
Things changed, as it got difficult to adjust in this new relation,
My heart was badly in pain due to my family’s seperation,
Somehow with the time my marriage life blossomed with lots of imperfection.
Life never took a break in giving surprises,
In each situation, it made thousands of compromises.
Slowly I started to adjust in this phase of life,
Where I was recognised by someone’s wife.
My identity was lost somewhere by living for others,
And that’s when I got to know their true colours.
Still with lots of hope and patience, everyday a new skill I use to discover.
As months and years passed, my life got more tougher,
And in the fifth year of marriage, I became a mother,
Again my life took a change, but this time with a good part,
God sent an angel in my life, and the life took a new start,
I started enjoying this new journey with all my heart.
Spending all of my time with my baby, kept me busy,
Daily I use to go dizzy,
Still I cherished each day with lots of love,
Where I got a new friend in my belove.
Being a mother, made me more stronger than ever,
It changed me in a way, like I was never.
I started to fight for myself, my self-respect and worth,
Where I felt as if my like was taking a new birth.
Having my strength just beside me,
I overcame all the challenges, which set me free.
Being a mother, a lot of things I have gone through,
Where most of my dreams came true,
For a long time which were in queue.
I am blessed to have this bond in my life,
Where I am valued more as a mother, than a wife..!

Happy WriteFluencing!

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