Cheater, Cheater!

Top 3 winners:


Licking my lips,
I promised myself.
“From ‘morrow will I begin my detox diet.
Ah, ice cream! let me savour thy sweetness in quiet”
‘Cheater cheater,’ yelled my conscience wise.
‘You promised me this more than twice!
Breaking your vow, ice cream you lick,
I wish I could give you a nice kick.’


Oh! Cheater cheater…Your façade ‘n duplicitous demeanor
Ruthlessly smothered my hopes ‘n honor
My life’s shoreline reduced to a miniscule figment
With emotions all over the place, succumbing to the ravaging moment
The ambrosial zephyr, comes to bring some sensation of touch
Alas! I’m benumbed with hopelessness to clutch
Carved from a crest core, the unvoiced emotions scatter
Lachrymal echoes in mirth glinted eyes, as ‘twas oblivious thou art a cheater!


I kept looking for you,
Yet you kept yourself hidden,
I tried but failed to get a que,
Reaching out for  your hand to which you flapped so sudden 
I knew something was amiss
When you couldn’t hold me and kiss,
As my heart thumped cheater cheater and my soul clattered,
My faith in you seemed shattered!

Other winning entries that complied to all the participation guidelines:


Cheater, Cheater they chorused behind me,
As I looked around for a path to flee.
The corridor rang out with their words,
But with my tears the escape route had blurred.
Yes, I had cheated in a class test,
Not because I was not prepared, but it was done in peer pressured jest.
This incident though taught me a lesson that I will never forget,
‘Never take an easy route’; and for this I will forever remain in their debt.


Cheater, cheater I was called
By my inner voice, loud and clear
I wondered why and pat came the reply,
“Oh! Didn’t you forbade your little one
From touching the ice cream and junk?
Now, see what you hogged into,
The same ice cream and junk!!
You cheater, Oh cheater!!”


I am totally lost,
Whenever looked at your eyes,
How strongly they converse?
That you are Mr. Right.
All things go grey,
Whenever looked at your eyes
They are real cheaters,
Which only play Seek & Hide.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants!

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