Pankhudi Pandey – Co-author, SPENT

Pankhudi Pandey has an honors degree in Sociology and is also a budding writer, just coming out of her cocoon and hopefully, in the near future, she’ll emerge as a beautiful and kind butterfly.


She has always been in love with “words”, and that’s the reason books and their world have always been the best possible escape for her from the reality. But only in the recent years did she turn to writing. Writing down her feelings and pain gives her the strength to keep going on and not give up. Till now she has found peace in other’s words but now she has started to find solace in her own poems and write-ups. She writes what she has never been able to say out loud and thus she goes by the pen name “writingtheunsaid”.

She has participated in some of the contests arranged by writing pages on Instagram and she even won quite a few. These prompt based contests have motivated her everyday. She also posts her poems and quotes on her own Instagram handle where she even made some new friends on this platform, who are writers and poets just like her and they are there to teach her and help her grow.


Apart from writing and reading, she also loves watching Korean dramas and binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. On her hardest days, when reading and writing fails to help her find peace, she turns to music and the calmness they provide. Some lyrics help find the answers of her problems and on some days, even helps her clearly see the question.

And just like that, she continues with her life, with the lyrics of one of her favorite songs being the motto of her life “Cos I don’t think it’s an accident that tears are shaped like seeds. So I’ll bury all my fears and trust they’re turning into trees”.

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