As the night crawls

This prompt received an overwhelming response and all the poems were absolutely beautiful. While it was the toughest job to choose the top three; we ended up liking 33 poems in all for this prompt.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants!


Here are the top three:


As the night crawls, dreamers always lie,
The fox comes to life and ink fills the sky,
Blinking awake, shoals of stars ripple,
The moth sees the light and hedgehogs sniffle,
Badgers and bats creep out their caves and holes,
Midnight is morning for spiders, skunks and moles,
As the night crawls, dreamers always lie,
Half the world runs and the other half dies.


As the night crawls,
silence envelops the starlit sky.
The twinkling stars pronounce the depth of the night,
profound, sublime, infinite.
Darker the night, brighter will be the day,
so they say.
Will it usher in the long-lost, much-awaited radiance, perpetuating eternity?
Is the night the beacon light?


As the night crawls,
Unwilling to let go
Of just born dreams,
That need nurturing
By daylight to realize,
I sleep blissfully,
Revelling in a world
Far from reality.


…and some more winning poems:


As the night crawls,
He tiptoed in factory with wrapped grey shawl,
Did some sneak peak and rolled in four walled room,
Behind the pillar slept for a while when he encountered some footsteps around him,
Observed some tubs of biscuits and ice cream in strong arms,
Hunger in him reached to its peak and grabbed some tubs,
As the dawn aroused with filled tummy after long time little angle happily flew high,
Observing innocent smile creator too smiled from the seventh sky!


As the night crawls…
What ifs and worries
Plague my mind like
Cerebral specters haunting my sanity,
Thieves in the night robbing me of sleep,
I toss and turn praying it would all end,
And as the the twilight of slumber sets in,
The chime of my alarm clock ends another sleepless night.


As the night crawls into a dark abyss
I hear a howl that’s sounds familiar
’twas a full moon he’d be out again
Tempting many a miss, to satiate his hunger
Another one to fall prey to his charms
Oh! That pearlescent skin, ripped body and lips divine
A deep voice that sends butterflies catapulting within
And empty promises with just 2 words – ‘Be Mine!’



As the night crawls,
The shroud of darkness palls,
The nocturnals shriek and call,
Mysterious footsteps fall.
Enigma or fear, foe or dear,
Remains forever unknown.
One didn’t know the end was near,
As emerged in the alley, the very last groans.


As the night crawls,
I fall serenely into your arms
Moon at top, pendulum of mind
free from to and fro oscillation
Your fingers comb my unkempt hair
Trying to Escape from the world
While Careless and vulnerable in front of you
The ball is in your court, time to take your call.



As the night crawls
I’m reminded of day
And how even the darkest night
Is bestowed with light

I then gently stow
My fears away
Hoping for some light
Pining for its sight


As the night crawls,
The air rings out with the baby’s brawls.
Rubbing her eyes and yawning distractedly she slides out of the bed,
For the ravenous little one at two am has to be fed.
She has no choice, she is a mother,
She clasps him to her breast and glares at the unperturbed father.
But looking down at the infant suckling hungrily,
The exasperation dissipates in a flash and she kisses his tiny head tenderly.


As the night crawls
Into the woods alone
wind whispered
Demons howl
A fleecy cloud’s are drifting past
karma resembles my shadow
Who fed with blood and tears
besides fear


As the night crawls, I gaze at the dusky sky,
Yearning for the moon, In which I see you
Smiling at me from the land afar.
The passing zephyr whispers messages, kissed and sent by you,
The night jasmine blooms with fragrance,
Reminding me of the sweet love that had once bloomed,
Mon Amour! Let the wait end,
I make an impassioned plea for you to seek for me.



As the night crawls,
I just yearn,
To hug you tight,
Melt in your warmth,
Feel cosy and secure,
And start on my journey
Into the dreamland with you,
Oh! My dearest pillow!!!


As the night crawls
Tiptoeing darkness falls
Engulfing all it seeps within
Like a lullaby soft and soothing
Comforting like a cuddle
It’s warm and subtle
The night is my go to place
Darkness is my solace


As the night crawls and the moon rises
The spells cast and my thoughts rejuvenate
My mind pens down stories
Stories of me playing a vampire
Or maybe a werewolf I imagined to be
I live myself as a character of a legacy
Legacy of the tales
That we know do not exist in reality.


As the night crawls,
And owls roll their eyeballs,
Devil enters my room slowly,
With its act of unholy,
Chokes me to death,
Its hungry appetite for physical pleasure gets me out of breath,
Leaving me paralyzed in bed,
As it left my room not to utter a word he said.


As the night crawls in
The demons are unleashed
For in the darkness they are stronger
During the daylight they hide
Rampaging through
Looking for a perfect sacrifice
Tonight they take another bite
Another shard of my soul taken and shredded alive.


as the night crawls
the beauty of sky comes to flair
with the moon light shining
amongst zillions of stars around.
to enjoy this beauty of nature
man should have time at disposal
also, his mind should be relaxed
to enjoy the most valuable moments of life.


As the night crawls,
Nightmares of the past brawls,
Yawling in my sleep,
Scrawling back the memories,
Waking me up,
From my deep sleep cup,
Pulling from the ends,
Like the tug of war it sends.



As the night crawls, silently, stealthily…
The soft melodious tune, Of your love,
Crawls slowly on my soul,
Keeping me enraptured,
Entwined deeply to your soulful tunes!
A beautiful melodious joining,
Of soulful soulmates,
Music and love!!


As the night crawls she retreats in her shell
Dreading his arrival, his love or lust apocalyptical
He started caressing at first with slow drawn breaths
But as he moved, slithered like a conniving snake
He sped up like an predator feeding on his prey and conquest
She was ready today with the dagger in her hand
As the night crawled
It drowned the shrieks of the insidious man


As the night crawls
The moon is visible among the darkest of clouds
That shining bright moon
Speaking loud, alas! Night m here
Let’s party together tonight
Take along the stars
Yes, there, they shine bright
Demanding attention they deserve


As the night starts off I take three wine sips
Laugh at myself as your memory starts off in bits
As the night sets in I start to break and admit
I stop fighting your suffocation and let myself submit
As the night crawls on I bite my fingertips
Cry as I stop your name from leaving my lips
As the night finally ends I leave my thoughts to sit
Just for while I let myself free until I return to your grip


As the night crawls,
I find my self,
I find my self as the darkness
and the moon as the hope of light.
A fire of rising up again,
Rises within me,
I create my self silently,
In that silent night.


As the night crawls
And I wrap my day
I recall all my actions
Including the words I didn’t say
The missed hugs
The calls unreturned
Tomorrow, never too late to start
On the path to put things right


As the night crawls,
I hear your voice in my head, a drawl,
One that endears,
My body and heart it sears,
The distance shrinks in size,
I am left with a longing for paradise,
Alas! At the border you are, dear beloved,
And here I am, waiting for my turn, to be loved.


As the night crawls… Why does it evoke the malice alive?
It’s beauty so dolefully maligned
By the dark thoughts of those
Who seek darkness only to hide
Their hideous selves and unholy minds
Is being dark the night’s only crime?
For to me, it’s beauteous and it shines!
And flows all my energy through the starry skies!


As the night crawls on
My restrictions too move on
It’s my precious time for introspection
Nay, a time for inspiration n aspiration
My thoughts and words come alive
As on my screen they take shape
Of my own little poems, quotes and stories
That speak of life love and their mysteries!


As the night crawls,
my soul flickers.
Goosebumps all around my body,
as if there’s something shady.
Darkness all around
and suddenly arrives a spooky sound.
Terrified, broken and lonely,
Isn’t there a place where I can feel homely?


As the night crawls,
The quintessential mum heaves a sigh of relief
Her clothes stained, certain are her beliefs
She locks the hair into a near bun
Her mysterious ways in the ungodly hour could stun anyone
She carefully beckons the darkness
Waiting to pen her day,
This moment of solitude she wishes to harness!



As the night crawls
Oozing out of every crevice, every crack
They march out on their stomach or back
Of every shape and every mack
Golden, chestnut, brown, or black
Extending tentacles to explore every cranny every crack
Greedily guzzling every grain n sack
Till they come under Hit’s attack!


As the night crawls, my interminable brawl continues
Those sleepless nights, those endless fights
Lifelong struggles, hurting memories, vanishing spirit, burning hopes
Unknown destinations, beastly darkness, bottomless pits, chaotic prejudices
And a myriad of emotions obliterates my being.
Finally, I stopped chasing the chimera elusive
As I found eternal solace, behind the veil of unknown quest
Emancipating my unfulfilled dreams, sizzling my soul in an unlimited euphoria for eternity!


As the night crawls,
The truth of the day unravels,
Exposing your vulnerable reality,
Of the lies, jealousy and envy
You masked with stories, acts and competition
Tired of pretending during the light,
Nudging your self to reflect
Seeking the soul for comfort!

Happy WriteFluencing!

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