Colours – I can’t ignore

Everyone gets bored from the same routine, so here comes a different festival in between to break the monotony and bring the enthusiasm in us to celebrate the same day but with different ways. All festivals are full of happiness and joy, but my favourite one is the festival of colours – Holi.


Water and colours have their own attraction, may be for all, but for me, I am sure. I can’t resist myself from colours. I feel colours are magical, be it crayons, sketch, oil pastel, dry pastel, water colour or Holi colours-Gulal. If I am left alone with colours I start scribbling them on paper to create something. Same tendency I feel for kids, they never ignore water or colours. Wherever they saw water or colour they get attracted towards them and do whatever they can, even they become wet and dirty. They love to jump on the water puddle and enjoy it most. With colours they create master pieces be it on wall, floor or anywhere. No child keep quiet in front of colours, they naturally get attracted to scribble it anywhere.

As we grow old, we get to know it’s not good to play with water or colours. But Holi is the only festival which makes us to live our childhood again and let us give chance to play with colours and water as much as we can without feeling shy.

As we all have that naughty child in us, who lost somewhere with growing age. These festivals renew our life again and again with happiness, fun and joy. So enjoy as much as you can.


Happy Holi!

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  1. Lovely…very nicely written!!

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  5. Very true, your heart really speaks….
    Very well written yar

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