Holi and Humanity

The festival of colours is here again. All the colours come together and mix with each other as one. Like a rainbow spread across people’s faces, streets and places. The colours never discriminate against each other. They just gel along happily.

I realized that colours don’t, but humans eventually do. The skin colour allows people to have opinions and suggestions for you, which eventually you never asked for. Fairer the better, black is liked only when you choose your clothes. Dusky, wheatish, olive, tanned and what not. Not just skin colour but your religion, caste, creed everything is so ingrained in your identity and you are so segregated that an individual identity becomes difficult and getting along with others is confusing.


We, humans are the only species on the planet who are divided by states, countries, continents. I don’t find this sort of difference in nature. If you observe carefully, the sky which is blue is reflected upon by the oceans and seas and when it’s dark at night so does the seas turns dark too. The luscious green trees provide shade and food  to everyone irrespective of animal, bird or human. The multicolored flowers do not envy each other but smile and blossom. Even the soils have different colors but they are not biased towards the plants or crops that are grown in it.

Nature never discriminates. Human species on the other hand are the only creatures on this planet who separates themselves from one another with boundaries and borders. Years of war, religious discrimination, hatred, apartheid, slavery, colonization has not seemed to have taught us anything yet. Humans have the inability to learn from their own history. With each passing day we humans say we are progressing, whereas it feels like we are regressing. let’s not let that happen. So this Holi lets not waste time on our differences; rather try to embrace them.


Let our differences or uniqueness be our strength, not our weaknesses. May this Holi let us drench ourselves in the color of humanity and speak the language of humanity and be the race, religion of humanity. Let’s leave a better world for our children who will be able to mix with each other like the beautiful colors of this beautiful festival called Holi.

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