Her Colourless World

She always thought about colours and what they looked like. In her world of solid black, she longed to see these colours that people spoke about. She understood from conversation that trees are green, the sun yellow, the earth brown , the sky blue and something called the rainbow is made up of seven different colours. For her, colours were merely a concept. She wanted to feel these colours, to smell them, to hear them speak. 


Holi, the festival of colours was being celebrated all over the country today. She could hear her friends shrieking with delight as they were doused with water and colours. Every year she wanted to join in the fun but her parents didn’t let her go as they were concerned about her safety. This year however, she had managed to convince them under the condition that her best friend would be by her side all the time.  So now she eagerly awaited her best friend’s arrival to escort her to the Holi celebration in their apartment complex. 

As she and her bestie approached the venue, her excitement was palpable. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on the various pots of colour that she had heard of from her friends. Just as she was being led to the table heaving with jute bags filled with different colours, she was stunned by a sudden cloud of powder that stung her eyes and overpowered her breath. She broke into a coughing fit. Her bestie shouted after the cheeky boy who was responsible for this act. 


As she dusted the terrible powder off her face, she asked her bestie about its colour. “Blue” was the tentative reply. She then wondered if the other colours would be as abrasive but she didn’t feel brave enough to find out. Not today. 

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  1. Simply marvelous.

  2. Classic

  3. Good writing and meaning full , waiting for some more writeups well done.

  4. Good writing dear Snehal. Thank you.

  5. Wish she one day discovers that the cool
    water…..playing with her feet at the beach
    Is also BLUE !

  6. Well done superb

  7. This story touched the most Sensitive Chords of my Heart!!!!!!
    You have talent that very few do, keep at it and I’m sure, you will win many Laurels!!!!!
    God bless you!!!!!✋✋👍👍✋✋

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Truly appreciate it 💛

  8. Truly inspiring. Just loved it

  9. The bare sad truth that gets uglier.

  10. Very Touching and Beautifully Written, Snehal.

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