Bura mat Mano Holi hai

It’s indeed a true saying!

“Bura mat Mano Holi Hai”.

One of the best and auspicious day of our lives. Mouth watering sweets, colors in the hands and all over face and whole day surrounded with friends and family making this day as the memorable day which might not be able to forget at any point of time. Sunrise to Sunset is the time horizon where we don’t mind to loose any snap to color our beloved ones.

A loud out message to everyone don’t get trapped into any negative horizon thought process of disease, just like these colors add so much happiness to us in the same way our life is as colourful like those colors.

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  • A way with words – Your human superpower!
    Storytelling is not limited to humans; a bot can also narrate a story. However, poetry and storing writing are purely human exercises. A writing or editing tool can only complement a writer or an editor’s work by eliminating errors. It cannot provide finesse and feel to a written piece. AI is smart, but is it creative and artistic? It can produce the perfect rhyme scheme or haiku, but will it evoke sentiments or intrude on the heart and mind? It can generate a perfectly worded short active voice sentence, but will the conversation touch the soul?
  • Virginia Creeper by Emma Wells
    Emma’s story has been selected as a winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, 2021 and is now available for a read on Kindle across the globe. Judged by our respected jury members Palash Basak and Arvind Solanki, our judges commended the author for her use of research to write the story.
  • Beautiful things are delicate.
    Beauty is itself as much delicate as glass. Its just a PHASE OF LIFE of any thing, be it plant, animal or human being.
  • Why I miss my classroom??
    The list of why I miss my class is endless. There are so many reasons. Above all is the bonding with my students. The virtual class somewhere does not let that happen. Somehow it kind of restricts it.
  • To An Overthinking Mind,
    This disease gives you wings but also holds you back in heavy chains. You’re tied to your fears; yet your fear makes you fly. You hate small talk and superficial connections, because you dig deeper. You mirror what others feel, because you’re a mirror yourself.

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