Holi : An Innocent & Fluorescent Affair

Holi is a festival truly portraying the Indian culture’s innocence and chatoyance. It rightly exhibits the Indian spirit of; living life to the fullest, and incorporating different shades in it, as we move ahead in life. From applying vibrant Gulals on each other’s faces, to, cherishing host of delicacies; the festival is celebrated with a great vigour across the country.

It is a heavenly sight, to watch people, especially, children spanning all ethnicities celebrating it with enthusiasm. The whole nation, coming together with the high spirits, coupled with colorful and cheerful faces, evokes a spirit of happiness and togetherness among the folks.


Burying all the stress, only to celebrate this beautiful life; is indeed a great message of this fluorescent festival. Relishing the bounty of the mother nature in the form of delicious delicacies , and, dancing one’s heart out to the tunes of inner soul and peace; is what needs to be learnt from this gorgeous festival of colors.

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