The not-so-blues

The colours smogged the air around her.

She stared at the smog and it flashed a face back at her with another round of colours that clogged her senses.

The coffee brown in his eyes brew a simmer in her heart. The beige on his skin settled peacefully on her mind. His brows drew silhouetes of black horizons. His smile flowed into subtle pink brooks.

The smog cleared and she walked out into the hues.

Just one ask on her mind.”Colour me blue!”


His favourite color. That’s the color, he said that looked great on her. She had since been on a shopping spree of blue.

Their conversations kept playing in her head, repeatedly. The colors around her, each of them made her blush in a different shade upon every touch.

Was this the best Holi ever? The blues just did not make her feel blue anymore.

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  1. Color me blue…. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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