Bishakha Moitra – Co-author, SPENT

Born on 2nd May 1980, in a small town, Serampore, in the Hoogly district of West Bengal, Bishakha Moitra, is an artist (a writer and a painter) by passion. After working in corporate sector for 10 years, she chose to be a stay-at-home mom.


Writing to her is penning down, expressing her, emotions, views, thoughts, feelings and opinions in a way that others can understand and feel the connect. Her preferred choice of languages for writing are English and Hindi. She has contributed to few anthologies for both poems and short stories which have been published as paperback and e-books.

Bishakha uses “a gypsy soul” as a pen name as she thinks this is what she truly is, a wanderer at heart. You can read her writings and follow her on her Instagram handle @thoughtsofagypsysoul


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